Urban Oyster Bar and Eatery in Nelson Menu

  • Tempura $5.00ea
  • Bloody Mary Oyster Shot $9.00
  • Fresh oysters (weather dependent), shallot vinegar - freshly shucked $4.50 ea
  • Fresh fish sashimi, crispy rice noodles, nouc cham dressing $20.00
  • Urban style ceviche, corn tortillas, chilli coconut whip $20.00
  • ''Jalapeno poppers'' from the farm, mozzarella fondue, herb crumb $4.50 ea
  • Miso cured angus beef, wild rice bubble crisp, kewpie, dashi, cured yolk $8.00 ea
  • Urban chips, caramelised onion & roast garlic aioli $11.00
  • Organic chicken liver pate, urban brioche loaf, plum jelly $16.00
  • Korean spiced duck nibbles, toasted sesame seeds, sweet & spicy sauce $18.00
  • Miso charred aubergine, butternut puree, tagorashi rice crisps, pickled green tomatoes $24.00
  • Lamb pancakes, spiced slow cooked lamb, lettuce, tzatziki, fresh flipped curly kale pancakes $25.00
  • Urban sliders (x 3), ever changing, talk to us and we'll inform you! $18.00
  • Cold smoked venison carpaccio, creamed red cabbage, pickled vege, toasts, marahau goats cheese whip $24.00
  • Crying tiger, pulled pork, iceberg cups, nahm prik, crispy shallots $20.00
  • Crab 'n' buns, tempura soft shell crab, jeff's steam buns, apple & fennel salad, tom yum mayo $24.00
  • New orleans southern fried fish tacos, cocktail sauce, jalapeno salsa & urban slaw $20.00
  • Smoked beef short rib, celeriac puree, red cabbage, confit tomato, crispy onions $27.00
  • Farm to plate, freshly picked seasonal vege $8.00
  • Warm spiced pumpkin, spinach & feta salad, toasted walnuts $9.00
  • Cold smoked pork crackles $7.00
  • Urban's marinated bowl of olives $6.00
  • Black forest floor, cherry sorbet, chocolate marquise $13.00
  • Lemon pannacotta, jam donut, strawberry & basil salsa $13.00
  • Two cheeses, homemade chutney, lavroche biscuits $14.00
  • Dessert wine - eradus ''sticky mickey'' late harvest sav $9.00 / $45.00
  • Affogato, expresso, vanilla bean ice cream, sng shot ''rose rabbit'' orange liqueur'' $16.00

Nearby Sample Menus

  • The Styx Big Breakfast $18.00
    • Grilled bacon, sausages, sauteed potatoes, baked beans, tomato, free range eggs & toasted ciabatta
  • Fresh Seasonal Vegetable Pasta $25.00
    • Changing daily (please ask your waiter)
  • - W/ garlic & parsley $15.00
  • Crispy Prochetta (Rolled Pork Belly) $29.00
    • W/ honey roasted root vegetables, watercress, apple & cider jus
  • Hound Dogs & Chips $10.00
    • Battered hot dogs & chips
  • Fisherman's Pie $25.00
    • Casseroled prawns, house smoked fish, bacon & vegetables in a creamy cider & parsley sauce w/ a golden puff pastry lid served w/ salad greens
  • Tasman Seafood Chowder $26.00
    • Scallops, prawns, fish of the day & Marlborough green lipped mussels w/ fresh herbs & ciabatta
  • Tasman Seafood Chowder $15.00
    • Scallops, prawns, fish of the day, mussels w/ fresh herbs & plant pot bread
  • The Clubhouse Chicken - Crispy N/A
    • Turn your attention to The Clubhouse Chicken - Crispy. With a crispy chicken patty, crispy bacon, grilled onion, Swiss Cheese, tomato, lettuce, and Big Mac® sauce in a brioche style bun; this burger tastes as good as it looks.
  • Sausage & Egg McMuffin® N/A
    • A hard-hitting combo of egg, a beef sausage patty and melting slice of cheese on a classic English Muffin. Served warm and tasty.
  • Chicken 'n' Mayo N/A
    • Enjoy mouth watering crispy-coated chicken with crunchy, fresh iceberg lettuce and cool delicious mayo, all within a tasty bun.
  • Cheeseburger & Small Fries Snack Deal N/A
    • Get more bang for your buck with this great snack bundle! Just $4 will get you a cheeseburger and small fries! Snack-time - sorted!
  • Grilled Chicken & Aioli McWrap® N/A
    • The new delicious Chicken & Aioli McWrap®, with ingredients like 100% NZ grilled chicken, juicy tomatoes, all wrapped up in a warmed tortilla.
  • Chicken McWrap® Caesar - Grilled N/A
    • Introducing the new delicious Chicken Caesar McWrap®, with grilled 100% NZ chicken, tasty bacon pieces, shaved parmesan and crisp iceberg lettuce drizzled with creamy Caesar sauce all wrapped up in a warmed tortilla and ready to eat on the go.
  • Hotcake Syrup N/A
    • Some like it sweet. Especially with our deliciously gooey maple flavoured Hotcake syrup. Pour on as much as you like.
  • Crispy Chicken & Aioli McWrap® N/A
    • Introducing the new Real Choices delicious Chicken & Aioli McWrap®, with 100% NZ crispy chicken, juicy tomatoes, crisp cos and iceberg lettuce drizzled with creamy garlic Aioli all wrapped up in a warmed tortilla and ready to eat on the go.
  • Twice Cooked Duck $38.00
    • Soba noodles/ bok choy/ mandarin broth (Brightwater Riesling)
  • Recommended wines available by the bottle
  • Rocket and Parmesan Salad/ Balsamic Vinaigrette $7.00
  • 350g Ribeye on the bone $43.00
    • Garlic butter/ house cut fries/ Side salad (GF) (Tohu Pinot Noir)
  • Whitebait Pattie $22.00
    • Almond butter/ lemon wedge (GF) (Astrolabe Sauvignon Blanc)
  • Butternut Pumpkin Ravioli $26.00
    • Burnt sage butter/ wilted baby spinach (Brightwater Riesling)
  • Sticky Date Toffee Pudding $15.00
    • Caramel Sauce/ Anglaise/ Ice Cream
  • Recommended wines available by the glass
  • Salmon $29.80
  • Chicken Stir Fry with bacon, sweetcorn, miso butter, lettuce & jasmine rice $28.70
  • Side Salad - lettuce, cucumber, shallots with asian mayonnaise $6.50
  • Fruit Mess with mascapone, cream, meringue & puffed rice $12.00
  • with miso butter $8.50
  • Red Braised Pork Belly $18.90 / $29.90
    • with lettuce, egg, tomato and chilli caramel dressing
  • Chai Creme Brulee with spiced plum & ice cream $12.00
  • Prawn Crackers $3.50
  • Soups N/A
    • (Mains are served with Thai jasmine rice.)
  • Phad Ped Nor Mai [mild - med - hot - Thai hot] $19.00
    • Stir fried red curry paste with bamboo shoots, capsicum, kaffir lime leaf, sweet basil and vegetables with your choice of: Chicken, pork or beef $19.00 Mixed seafood or squid $23.00/ Prawns $24.50/ Vegetarian with tofu
  • Tofu $4.50
  • Phad Kheo Wan [med - hot - Thai hot] $19.00
    • Hot and spicy stir-fried vegetables, mushrooms, Thai herbs and spices cooked in a green curry paste and coconut cream with your choice of: Chicken, pork or beef $19.00 / Mixed seafood or squid $23.00 / Fish $23.00 /Prawns $24.50/ Vegetarian with tofu
  • Larb (Thai Salad) [mild - med - hot -Thai hot] $19.50
    • A great Thai dish from the eastern part of Thailand. A combination of ground meat, lime juce, roasted ground rice, lemongrass, onions, kaffir lime leaf, chilli powder, mint and coriander with your choice of Chicken, pork or beef.
  • Choo Chee Goong [mild – med – hot - Thai hot] $29.00
    • King prawns cooked in rich red curry sauce combined with kaffir lime leaves, vegetables, coconut cream and sweet basil.
  • Prawns (each) $3.50
  • Green Curry [mild - med - hot -Thai hot] $19.00
    • The most popular Thai curry with coconut cream and vegetables with your choice of: Chicken, pork or beef $19.00 / Fish $23.00 / Mixed seafood or squid $23.00 / Prawns $24.50 / Vegetarian with tofu
  • 5 Salmon Fresh Spring Rolls $8
    • Fresh rice paper spring rolls filled with rice noodles, herbs, carrot, cucumber and smoked salmon
  • Seafood $18
    • Prawn, Squid, Scallops
  • 70 Stir-Fried Rice Noodles (Pho Xāo)
    • Rice noodles, shallots, onion, sprouts, tamarind sauce
  • 3 Vegetarian Fresh Spring Rolls (Gỏi Cuôn̕ Chay) $8
    • Lettuce, cucumber, carrot, herbs and rice noodles served with hoisin sauce and peanut crumb
  • 71 Stir-Fried Vermicelli (Miên̕ Xāo)
    • Vermicelli bean tread, chicken, prawn, dried mushroom, onion
  • 83 Stir-Fried Chicken/Pork with Curry $14
    • Sliced Chicken or Pork stir-fried with curry paste, pineapple, carrot, capsicum and onion
  • 80 Roasted Pork Belly with Hoisin Sauce (Thit Kho Hoisin) $14
    • Green beans, Carrot, Courgettes. Served with steamed rice
  • 1 Chicken Soup (Súp Gâ) - small bowl $6
    • Chicken, dried mushroom, sweet corn, black pepper
  • BBQ Chicken $17.00
    • Barbecue sauce base, mozzarella, smoked chicken breast, roasted red capsicums & red onion
  • Hummus & Pita Platter $13.00
    • House-made spicy garlic and roasted red capsicum hummus with fresh baked pita, served with cucumbers, and carrot sticks.
  • Sausage Lasagna $23.00
    • Our lasagna is baked twice to allow the flavors to meld together. Fresh pasta sheets, our signature marinara tomato sauce, ricotta and mozzarella cheese, roasted red capsicums, italian sausage locally made by Raeward Fresh, and topped with pesto and Parmesan. Comes with side salad.
  • Hawaiian $15.00
    • Pineapple and ham with marinara sauce and mozzarella.
  • Chocolate Mousse $9.00
    • Our rich and decadent chocolate mousse is made fresh in house!
  • Mushroom Medley $18.00
    • A mix of mushrooms, roasted garlic, mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, marinara tomato sauce topped with fresh basil.
  • Simplicity Pizza $11.00
    • A light pizza for a starter! Extra virgin olive oil, roasted garlic, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses with a side of hot marinara sauce.
  • Californian $19.00
    • Bursting with flavor from an olive oil and garlic base, fresh tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, feta and mozzarella cheeses, capers & topped with fresh oregano.
  • Spanish Cold meat platter $25
    • Serrano Ham, chorizos, salchichón
  • Tiger prawn risotto $18
    • tomato, onion sofrito
  • West Coast whitebait omelette $22
    • Willow Creek eggs, green salad, focaccia
  • Pan fried market fish $30
    • summer vegetable ratatouille, green salad
  • Home smoked salmon salad $18
    • avocado, radish, wild rice, wasabi dressing
  • Paella Valenciana $59
    • fish, chicken, mussels, tiger prawns, bomba rice for 2guests
  • Home baked focaccia $9
    • Sicilian green olives & Favoloso E.V.O. oil
  • Homemade fresh pasta alla carbonara $18
    • Heck’s bacon, cream, Willow Creek egg
  • -Seafood or Prawns $13.50
  • -Available with your choice of: Chicken, Pork, Beef or Tofu. $11.50
  • Stir fried crispy pork with chilli & soya bean sauce (mild, medium, hot) $11.00
  • Street Noodles $11.00
    • A Golden Bell special. This noodle dish & the noodle soup dish listed below are our Head Chef’s versions of authentic Thai noodle dishes commonly available on the streets of Thailand’s cities & villages and much loved by generations of Thai people. Rice noodles with minced pork, crispy pork, bean sprouts & crushed peanuts are flavoured with lime, lemon & Thai herbs.
  • -Chicken, Pork, Beef or Tofu $11.00
  • Thod Mun Pla GF $9.50
    • Four fish cakes served with sweet chilli sauce.
  • Stir fried vegetables in peanut sauce GF / V
  • -Chicken, Pork, Beef or Tofu $11.00
  • Roast of the day with gluten free gravy
  • Massive Whitebait Patty $30.00
    • A huge fresh west coast whitebait patty, minted boiled potatoes, summer salad and fresh bread and butter
  • Steak, Egg and Chips
    • A massive prime rump steak cooked to your liking and served over a helping of hand cut triple cooked chips and topped off with two perfectly fried eggs.
  • Roast of the Day with gluten free gravy
  • Mozzarella and pine nut stuffed mushrooms, potato and garlic gallettes and a side of salad
  • Crumbed Squid Rings and Aioli $12.00
  • Fisherman's Haul $18.00
    • Crumbed mussels, squid rings, crumbed prawns, fish bites, crumbed scallops, tartare sauce and hand cut chips
  • Aged Ribeye Steak
    • Cooked to your liking and served with either hand cut chips and salad or steamed vegetables and a stuffed potato and accompanied by your choice of either roast garlic and herb butter, red wine mushroom or creamy green pepper corn sauce
  • Tsukemono $6.00
    • Pickled seasonal vegetables
  • Steamed Rice $3.00
  • Tan-Tan Ramen $15.00
    • Rich sour and spicy sesame base. Vegetable stir-fry, pork mince, bok choy, shredded leek
  • Tuna Tataki $19.00
    • Delicately seared tuna with wasabi vinaigrette gelée, flying fish roe, shredded leek. Served chilled
  • Sweet'n Sour Omelette Don $13.00
    • Omelette on steamed rice, sweet'n sour sauce, shredded leak
  • Mini Takana Don $5.00
    • Takana mustard leaves and shredded leek on steamed rice
  • Tori Shio Ramen $15.00
    • Sea salt and shrimp extract base. Chicken chāshū, egg, bean sprouts, yuzu peel, spring onion, nori seaweed
  • Mabo Tofu $13.00
    • Tofu wok fried with slightly spicy pork mince, spring onion
  • Jaritto Mexican Premium Soda $4.50
    • Mexi-Cola, Lime, Mandarin, Mango, Guava, Grapefruit, Jamaican Hibiscus, Strawberry and Pineapple
  • Fire Grilles “Paso Ancho” Chicken
    • (In An Adobo Of sensational Mexican Dried Chillies)
  • -Black Beans
  • -Corn Chips
  • -Small $6.90
  • Traditional Chill Corn Carne
    • (Slow Cooked Mince Angus Beef with Classic Mexican Spices and Taco Salsa)
  • Burrito or Burrito Bowl
    • Rice, Cheese, Black Beans, Salsa, Soft Flour Tortilla is Heated and Served with your Choice of Filling
  • -3 Tacos $10.50
  • Sorbet $10.00
    • Sorbet served with spiced wine poached pear and Fairy Kisses
  • Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo Crusoeʼs Style $21.30 / $16.30
    • Mixed pan-fried mushrooms with Fettuccine noodles in an oozing creamy sauce. Served with parmesan cheese (Regular / Small)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream In A Cone With Sprinkles $2.00
  • Pork Panini $19.80/$15.80
    • Pork, cranberry sauce, apple & smoked cheese (Regular/Small)
  • Garlic Bread $9.30
    • Toasted ciabatta with Crusoe's garlic butter
  • Breakfast Extras $6.00
    • Approx. 150 gr. Pestell’s bacon
  • Breakfast Extras $5.00
    • 3 Hash browns
  • For almond OR soy milk +$0.70
  • CHICKEN VINDALOO Tasty, hot & spicy curry to come out of Goa on the west coast of India - cubed pieces of chicken cooked in spices and vinegar and left to pickle overnight garnished with julie $ 16.98
  • CHICKEN SAAGWALA Boneless tender chicken pieces cooked in fresh spinach gravy with fresh spices and herbs garnished with julienne ginger $ 16.98
  • PALAK PANEER Home-made cottage cheese cooked in a fresh spinach gravy garnished with sliced ginger $ 14.98
  • TANDOORI CHOPS Succulent Lamb cutlets marinated in spices cooked on skewers in the tandoor oven $ 10.48 (Mains $ 17.48)
  • LAMB ROGAN JOSH Diced lamb cooked north Indian style with herbs and spices and garnished with coriander (available in Beef & Chicken as well) $ 16.98
  • VEGETABLE SAMOSAS Home-made pastry pockets stuffed with mildly spiced vegetables $ 4.98
  • CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA Grilled pieces of chicken cooked in a onion, tomato, capsicum gravy garnished with coriander and capsicum $ 16.98
  • VEGETABLE PAKORAS Vegetable Pattie battered in mildly spiced chickpea flour and deep fried $ 4.98
  • Choose from: Hash bites/ Large fries/ Garlic bread/ Onion rings/ Soft drinks 1.5L $6.00
  • Pepperoni $5.00
    • Pepperoni topped with mozzarella
  • Italiano $8.90
    • Spicy pepperoni, cabanossi, mushroom, capsicum, olives and melting mozzarella with garlic & oregano seasoning
  • Veg hot 'n' spicy $5.00
    • Capsicum, spicy jalapeno & mozzarella
  • Super supreme $9.00
    • Spicy pepperoni, ham, cabanossi, mushroom, onion, capsicum, pineapple & mozzarella
  • Dipping sauces $0.50
    • Choose from: tomato, BBQ, aioli, sweet chilli, american mustard
  • Garlic bread $3.50
  • Xtra Large $3.90
Urban Oyster Bar and Eatery

Urban Oyster Bar and Eatery



278 Hardy Street, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand





Opened hours

Monday: 4:00 – 11:00 PM, Tuesday: 4:00 – 11:00 PM, Wednesday: 4:00 – 11:00 PM, Thursday: 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM, Friday: 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM, Saturday: 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM, Sunday: Closed
price range


$20 - $30




service level


Table Service



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278 Hardy Street, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand