Thai Kitchen in Christchurch City Menu

Chicken Satay
4 pieces with peanut sauce
Chicken Wings
7 pieces in homemade sauce
Spring Rolls
6 Thai vegetarian spring rolls
Deep Fried Pork Pieces
in lemongrass
Combination Entree
2 everything above
Pork Spare Ribs Deep
fried sweet garlic
Fish Cakes
7 pieces
Curry Puffs
Kumara & vegetables in a puff pastry
Money Bags
Minced chicken prawns & Veges
Thai hot and sour soup, lemongrass kaffir leaves
Tom Yum Prawns $11.50
Tom Yum Sea Food $11.50
Tom Yum Chicken $10.50
Tom Yum Vegetarian $10.50
Tom Yum Chicken
Coconut cream on top
Tom Kai Gai
Coconut cream mixed in
All curries come with one rice chicken, beef, pork or tofu
Green Curry (Gaeng Keow Wharn)
Loads of vegetables in a green curry with coconut cream
Red Curry (Gaeng Dang)
Spicy red curry, heaps of vegetables, bamboo, coconut cream
Phanang Curry
A bed of vegetables covered in a thick brown phanang curry
Massamun Curry
A brown curry with tamarind, potato, pineapple, cinnamon sticks
Mint Lamb
Very nice thick curry with coconut cream, mint and vegetables
Yellow Curry (Gaeng Gari)
The milder of the curries with potato cashews & vegetables
Roast Duck (Gang Ped Yang)
In a red curry with vegetables, potato, pineapple & grape
Choo Chee Prawns
Prawns served in a thick creamy red curry sauce on vegetables
Fish Curry
Fish of the day in a red curry lots of veges
Seafood Red Curry
A mixture of vegetables, prawns, squid, mussels, scallops
Cashew nuts, Rice, Vegetables,tofu, meats, peanut sauce etc $3.80
All stir fry dishes come with one rice chicken, beef, pork or tofu
Peanut Sauce (Pad Pug)
Chefs homemade Satay (peanut sauce) in mixture of vegetables
Cashew Nuts (Med Mamunang)
Stir fry with chilli jam sauce, cashew nuts, pineapple & vegetables
Ginger Sauce (Pad Khing)
Flavours of fresh ginger with a mixture of vegetables. Very nice.
Oyster Sauce (Pad Nummun Hoy)
Stir fry with a mixture of vegetables in oyster sauce
Sweet and Sour (Pad Priew Wharn)
Homemade sweet & sour sauce with a mix of vegetables
Garlic Pepper (Pad Kratiem Prik Thai)
Stir fry with garlic pepper sauce on a bed of vegetables
Garlic Chilli (Pad Prik Sod)
Spicy garlic chilli sauce with a mixture of stir fry vegetables
Spicy Sweet Basil (Pad Kra Prow)
Flavours of basil & spicy garlic chilli sauce
Lemongrass Sauce
Stir fry with lemongrass sauce on a bed of vegetables, lemongrass
Chilli Lamb (Pad Prik)
Spicy stir fry with fresh chillies, lamb & a mixture of vegetables
Chicken Salad (Yom Gai)
Spicy Thai Style salad, onion, grated carrot & spicy salad dressing
Larb Salad
Chicken beef or pork minced. Spicy meal, lots of onions chilli
BBQ Beef Salad
Spicy salad with lots of onions
Please make sure we know its gluten free. Chicken, beef, pork or tofu
Any of the curries $15.50 - 20.00
Ginger Sauce
(Pad Khing) Flavours of ginger
Garlic Chilli
(Pad Prik Sod)Spicy garlic chilli sauce
Pad Thai
Thick noodles fried with a mixture of veges
Fried Rice
(kao Pad)light meal mixed veges, very nice
All seafood fry dishes come with one rice
Choo Chee Prawns
Served in a thick creamy red curry sauce on a bed of vegetables
Fish Curry
Fish of the day in a red curry, veges, coconut cream optional
Seafood Red Curry
A mixture of prawns, squid, mussels & scallops in a red curry
Deep fried fish fillet
(Choo Chee Pla) Fish of the day fillets deep fried with spicy sauce
Chilli Prawns
(Pad Prik Goong) Spicy stir fry with fresh chillies & a mixture of vegetables
Prawns Peanut Sauce
(Satay Goong) Chefs special homemade sauce, vegetables & prawns
Garlic Prawns
(Pad Kratiem Prik Goong) Stir fry prawns & vegetables, strong flavours of garlic
Chilli Seafood
(Pad Prik Talay) Spicy stir fry with a Mixture of seafood and fresh chillis
Seafood Peanut Sauce
Prawns, squid, fish, mussels, scallops in peanut sauce
Chilli Squid
(Pad Prik Calmar) Stir fried squid in mixture of vegetables & fresh chillis
Seafood Chilli Jam
A mixture of seafood and vegetables in a chilli jam sauce
Prawn Salad
(Pla Goong) A mixture of vegetables, lemongrass chilli jam & prawns
Stir Fried Seafood
(Pad Porg Gari) Stir fried seafood with yellow curry powder & vegetables
Mussel Omelet
Thai style omelet with onions & mussels
Pad Thai Prawns
Thick noodles fried, prawns, vegetables, carrot, peanuts on top
Chicken, beef, pork or tofu
Pad Thai
Thick noodles fried with a mixture of veges, carrot & peanuts
Drunken Noodles
Spicy basil flavour, light on vegetables, curly weed noodles
Fried Rice (Kao Pad)
Light meal mixed vegetables, tomato, egg & broccoli
Spicy Fried Rice (Kao Pad Prik)
Spiced up fried rice, mixed vegetables, broccoli & tomato
Any meal on the menu can be vegetarian for 15.50 Or 16.50 Or have tofu added for 2.00. Please ask.

We make every attempt to keep menus up to date, but prices and items are subject to change without notice. This menu is to be used as a guide only. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR MENU

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Sydenham Bakery (sample menu)
Bacon & Egg N/A
Steak & Kidney N/A
Chicken & Cranberry N/A
Mince N/A
Steak & Cheese N/A
Lamb & Kumara N/A
Potato Top N/A
Chicken N/A
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Sai tandoor Indian takeaway (sample)
Chicken Bhuna $17.50
Lamb Korma
Diced Chicken/ Lamb cooked in cashew nut based sauce garnished with cashew and sultanas.
Vegetable Samosas
Flaky pastry filled with mashed potatoes, peas and cumin seeds. (2pcs) □
Matar Paneer
Peas cooked with cottage cheese/mushroom in North Indian style.
Prawn Kadai
Prawn cooked in butter with garlic, tomatoes, ginger and fresh coriander.
Vegetable Cocktail Kebab
Patty made with mixture of fresh vegetables, potatoes, cottage cheeses with added herbs and spices. Served with mint chutney. Must try. (6pcs)
Vegetable Korma
A medley of seasonal vegetables cooked in delicacy spiced cream y gravy of cashew nuts and garnished with sliced almonds.
Garlic Naan $3.99
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Claude's Kitchen (sample)
Claudes Feed
2 Eggs, Hash-Cake,Tomato Mushroom, Toast, Sausage
Bacon & Maple, Berries & Cream
Eggs & Toast w/ Bacon $14
Mince on Toast
Well in a Bowl… Beside Toast…
Paul-Made Hummus
w/ Avocado Toast Lemon, Tom's Dukkah & Spinach
French Toast
Berry & Banana / Chocolate / Bacon & Banana / Savoury
Corn Chips, Saucy Beans, Avo, Salsa, Vegan Tastiness
Corn Fritters
w/ Bacon, Cream Cheese & Maple or Relish
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Fendalton Takeaways (sample)
Ansari Gosht (Lamb)
Cuisine Magazine describes our chef's special - lamb cooked with pomegranate & spices, garnished with coriander
Onion Bhaji (4 Pcs)
Chickpea better mixed with chopped onions & spices, fried to a crispy texture, served with mint chutney
Crispy lentil wafers roasted in tandoor
Whole wheat flour
Dal - Black or Yellow Lentils
Your choice of lentils boiled in turmeric, ginger & garlic, then fried with onions, tomatoes & spices, garnished with coriander
Ansari Kebab (5 Pcs)
Chunkey lamb marinated in pomegranate, ginger, garlic & spices - grilled in tandoor to give its earthy aroma, served with mint chutney
Cucumber Salad
Fresh cucumber & tomato salad sprinkled with chaat masala
Vegetable Biryani
Curried flavoured rice cooked with an array of mixed vegetables, garnished with almonds, nuts & coriander
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Oddfellows Cafe (sample)
11am – 2.30pm
Crispy potato cakes with wilted spinach, Akaroa salmon and a poached egg on top (GF) $17.50
Grilled haloumi / bacon / Akaroa salmon $5.00
Ham, Emmental, tomato omelette $16.50
Fresh fruit salad with natural or gourmet yoghurt $11.00
- with bacon $15.50
Oddfellow’s classic free range chicken and avocado burger on ciabatta $17.50
Toasted sandwiches
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Restaurant Details

Christchurch City
239 Colombo Street, Sydenham, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8023, New Zealand
Dine in, EFTPOS, Mastercard, Takeaway, Visa, Vegetarian Friendly, Bar Not Available, Cash, Bankcard, Seating, Cards accepted, Dinner
Thai, Asian
Thai Kitchen Christchurch City Menu

Opening Hours

Monday: 5:00 – 9:00 PM, Tuesday: 5:00 – 9:00 PM, Wednesday: 5:00 – 9:00 PM, Thursday: 5:00 – 9:00 PM, Friday: 5:00 – 9:00 PM, Saturday: 5:00 – 9:00 PM, Sunday: 5:00 – 9:00 PM