Three Cows Bar & Restaurant in Christchurch City Menu

  • Battered fish and chips with salad $10.00
  • crispy chicken or nuggets and chips $10.00
  • kids chicken and mushroom pasta $10.00
  • toasted sammie with bacon and mozzarella cheese $8.00
  • Ribeye steak with chips and salad $12.00
  • chicken and salad wrap with chips $12.00
  • Garlic Bread small$4.00/big$7.00
    • It’s been around as long as I have so if you like garlic and cheese you should order it, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Flat Bread $10.00
    • Pita bread coated with a mix of sun-dried tomatoes and garlic with a sprinkling of fresh parmesan and oven baked to perfection. Comes with a sweet chilli sauce & sour cream.
  • cows chip and dip $10.00
    • If you just want something to nibble on this would be great. Mexican style chilli bean dip with corn chips, mandarin salsa and sour cream
  • The original seafood chowder small9.50/big14.50
    • Started here back in the dark ages, and has not been changed too much. Some folks travel for miles just to get a taste, & ya even get bread & butter to clean the massive bowl. Scrumptious!
  • Cracked pepper and bourbon pate $12.50
    • An old homemade favourite of ours. Bourbon & cracked pepper blended pate. Served with crusty bread, pickled cucumbers & beetroot pesto.
  • Grilled black tiger prawns $14.50
    • Yummo chargrilled tiger prawn skewers resting on baby spinach & garlic aioli. Delectable morsels of the sea.
  • 3Cows chicken salad $20.00
    • Yip I wanted to take this off to0, but you would probably boycott us..... Lettuce mix with cashews, avocado salsa, croutons, and other goodies bound with Italian vinaigrette and finished with pan fried chicken & bacon.
  • Cajun fish and prawn salad $23.00
    • The above grilled and plonked on a salad of spinach, snow pea shoots, cucumber, red onion, mandarins and feta bound with vinaigrette and finished with a roast garlic aioli. Yummo..
  • Famous Fritters $18.50
    • Kumara, sundried tomato & sweet corn fritters layered on a gourmet salad with streaky bacon in between and finished with sweet corn sour cream.
  • cheesy salmon salad $23.50
    • Oven Baked pacific salmon fillet on a warm penne salad with Parmesan cheese, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and red onion, carrot and sesame tossed in honey basil pesto. Absolutely divine!
  • Three Cows Brekkie $17.50
    • Toasted bread, mushrooms, tomatoes, streaky bacon, hash brown, (fried, poached or scrambled) eggs
  • White Bait omelette $18.50
    • Whitebait, mushrooms, red onions, and baby spinach bound together in a 3eggs mix. Comes with a side salad.
  • Moroccan chicken filo $16.50
    • Marinated chicken in Moroccan spice wrapped in filo pastry with baby spinach & cream cheese, served with salad & golden fries & cranberry salsa.
  • Focaccia Melt $21.00
    • Cream cheese, cranberries. Chicken, mozzarella on focaccia then oven baked and finished with honey basil sauce with your choice of salad or chips !!!!!!!
  • Open chicken sammie $17.50
    • Corn chip herb crusted chilli lemon chicken on toasted focaccia with salad, cucumber pickles, roast tomato & pineapple, finished with streaky bacon, brie cheese & sweetcorn sour cream.
  • Crispy Chicken $16.50
    • Crispy, tasty, deep fried chicken pieces marinated overnight in chef’s special sauce with golden fries, petit salad and sweet chilli sauce. Yummo..
  • Beer Batter Fish $17.50
    • Yip just good ole fish n chips with salad and tartare sauce. I suppose I could say that the fish is base and that the batter is crisp and that the fries are cooked to perfection and that the salad is fresh to make this dish sound more exciting....
  • Chicken/smoked salmon tortilla chicken14/salmon15.50
    • Pair of wraps, ever so popular, so now you have a choice. Cheesy tortilla with lettuce, salad prep, avocado and tomato salsa and bb pickles. Choice of chicken or smoked salmon….
  • Lambs fry $18.50
    • Cooked by our master chefs to perfection, add some crispy bacon, mushroom & cracked pepper sauce & Top it off with sticky onions and toasted garlic bread and whammo, better than nanas.
  • Good Ole Steak $27.00
    • Yummo rib eye cooked to your liking, served with a garden salad. Comes with crisp fries and finished with a horseradish & beetroot pesto and battered onion rings.
  • Pasta of the day $17.50
    • What you get depends on the chef's mood and whichever way the wind’s blowing. Please ask the wait staff for today’s yummy concoction. It could have seafood or any other delectable things in it.
  • Garlic Bread $7.20
    • This has no story.. except to say it is bloody great!!
  • Flat Bread $12.70
    • Pita bread smothered in sundried tomato pesto and topped with parmesan cheese. Oven baked and finished with sweet chilli and sour cream. The locals favourite.
  • Seafood Chowder $13.50
    • Now even that chef from England would say this is NZ's best. The finest morsels plucked from the sea, combined in our secret recipe. We also serve bread and butter to clean this massive bowl. Slurp!
  • Cow Chips & Dip $12.70
    • Corn chips with a warmed Mexican style chilli bean dip. We've even thrown in some avocado salsa and sour cream to make a mess. Good for a nibble before your main fare me thinks...
  • Cracked Pepper & Bourbon Pate $13.80
    • Now what about this, we would be billionaires if we sold this on the streets of Kaiapoi... Comes with beetroot pesto, pickles and warm bread.
  • Crispy Chicken $14.50
    • Crispy, tasty chicken marinated overnight in our Chef's special sauce with petit salad and sweet chilli sauce. Finger licking good!Entrée-8 pieces
  • Crispy Chicken $21.50
    • Crispy, tasty chicken marinated overnight in our Chef's special sauce with petit salad and sweet chilli sauce. Finger licking good!Main-10 pcs & fries
  • Edi's Green Curry $24.50
    • Edison's favourite version of green curry chicken, hot and tasty with pumpkin, broccoli, bok choi served with a mix of jasmine rice and crusty bread to mop up the sauce.
  • Ye Good Ole Foccacia Melt $23.50
    • Marinated chicken on toasted focaccia with cream cheese and cranberry. Finished with mozzarella and then oven baked. Comes with a salad, basil pesto & sour cream.
  • My Fav Chicken Bacon & Cashew Salad $21.50
    • Lettuce leaves mixed with julienne vegetables, cashews, herby croutons, avocado salsa and some other goodies all tossed in an Italian vinaigrette and finished with marinated chicken, crispy bacon & parmesan cheese.
  • Chilli & Lime Chicken Sammie $24.50
    • An absolutely awesome chilli and lime chicken on toasted focaccia with roast peppers, char courgettes and bb pickles finished with streaky bacon, brie cheese and sweet corn sour cream, served with a side of fries and aioli. Yumm..
  • Stuffed Chicken $30.50
    • The plumpest chicken breast stuffed with pistachio, baby spinach and brie wrapped up in streaky bacon, oven roasted and plonked upon a warm honey mustard potato salad. With sauté greens and finished off with a cranberry salsa & sweet potato crisps.
  • Ribeye $33.50
    • Our famous 280gm Ribeye served with rosemary roast potatoes, with some sauté bokchoi, broccoli and Spanish roast onions. Topped with prawn twisters, streaky bacon and finished with yummy beetroot pesto and a dash of jus.
  • Tower of Pork $28.50
    • Lots and lots of pork spare ribs marinated overnight in 3 Cows special sauce and oven baked to tenderness perfection just for you! Served with homemade potato wedges with a side of avocado salsa and sour cream. A definite winner this one is!
  • Pork Belly $31.80
    • Twice roasted belly, marinated in hoisin and 5spice. Comes with potatoes, honey kumara rounds, add some chargrilled bokchoi and finished with a ginger & mango chutney and a hint of jus. Now the chefs pile this high, so I hope it's earthquake proof!
  • Lambs Fry $23.00
    • Now this baby is perfected better than my granny's recipe(no offence gran!) Tender pieces of liver, pan seared & served on toasted garlic bread with beauty mushroom & cracked pepper sauce finished with streaky crisp bacon & onion jam.
  • Three Cows Whopper Steak Burger $24.50
    • Toasted sesame bun filled with salad greens, tomato, bacon, egg, hash brown, mushroom & ribeye. Finished off with aioli and beetroot pesto and fries and battered onion rings and Tommy sauce. I think there were 2 many ads in that...
  • T-Bone (Original) $36.50
    • Yup the good old 500g T-Bone comes with tomatoes, buttered mushrooms, eggs, onion rings & a shitload of chips for you farmer folk plonked on a Fred Flintstones-sized plate.
  • T-Bone (Gourmet) $36.50
    • Classier version for the farmer folk wife. 500g T-Bone on baby potatoes, balsamic roasted tomatoes and a cracked pepper and mushroom sauce and a baby salad too!
  • Beer Battered Fish $19.50
    • This is what we call our 'back to basics' dish. Kaiapoi's finest! Not your everyday f.n.c's that's for sure. Hoki fillets in a crispy beer batter served with golden fries and a garden salad on one side and tartare and lemon on the other side.
  • Prawn on Fire $25.90
    • Succulent tiger prawns tossed in red curry broth with potatoes, mushrooms, courgettes and roasted capsicum. Served with jasmine rice and fresh bread. Nom, nom nom...
  • Cajun Fish & Prawn Salad $26.50
    • Fillets of today's fish coated in a Cajun spice, pan-seared to perfection & plonked on a salad of mandarins, snow pea shoots, cucumber, red onion & baby spinach. Bounded with vinaigrette & finished with avocado salsa, garlic aioli & grilled prawns.
  • Famous Fritters $18.50
    • Our legendary sundried tomato, sweet corn & kumara fritters on a pine nut and leaf salad with smoked salmon layered between the fritters and adorned with sweet corn and sour cream
  • Pasta of the Day $22.50
    • What you get depends on the Chef's mood and whichever way the wind's blowing! Please ask the wait staff for today's yummy concoction. It could have seafood or any other delectable things in it.
  • Mad Cow's Cheesecake $11.00
    • Well after 12 & a half years here at the Three Cows we've made about 3 billion types of cheesecake and all different. We are slowly running out of flavours to make but don't panic! We've always got the internet to help us out!
  • Marshmallow & Ice-cream Sundae $11.00
    • Lots of vanilla ice-cream & marshmallows smothered in your choice of chocolate, strawberry, passionfruit or caramel sauce. Topped with whipped cream, wafers & chocolate shavings. So if you are in the mood for lots of ice-cream, then this is for you!
  • Vanilla Rice Pudding $11.00
    • Now you locals have nagged me to put this back on, you better order it. This is vanilla bean flavoured and rich and creamy. Served with caramelised banana, berry compote and ice-cream.
  • Sticky Date $11.00
    • I reckon this is better than how grandma made it, but then what do I know? I'm just the sucker that has to type this. A warm rich style cake with loads of butterscotch sauce, berry compote, ice-cream and cream. Great soul food on a cold night I say.
  • Vanilla Brulee $11.00
    • Yip this is another one of our famous desserts, our vanilla bean Brulee is made to perfection with berry compote, vanilla ice-cream and some kinda biscuit.
  • Apple Berry & Port Crumble $11.00
    • Good ole fashion fruit cooked with a hint of spice and all the love in the world plus some port. Topped with a buttered shortbread crumble and oven baked to warm and toastie. Comes with yep you got it, ice-cream and cream and a funky ginger Anglaise.
  • Chocolate Overload $11.00
    • A rich moist chocolate cake cooked to perfection smothered in baileys sauce, white chocolate ice-cream, chocolate shavings (told ya it was choc madness!) and a trio of berries with a blob of scented cream.

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Three Cows Bar & Restaurant


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194 Williams Street, Kaiapoi, Canterbury, 7630, New Zealand

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