Frankton Arm Tavern in Queenstown Menu

  • THE F.A.T. 250 $28.00
    • This feed is not for the faint of heart: 250g of Prime NZ porterhouse steak served with garlic herb potatoes, pan fried broccoli (and whatever vegetables fall off the truck), finished with jus, streaky bacon, and tangy, onion jam. Or your classic Steak, Eggs & Chips etc!
  • BIG F.A.T. BELLY $27.00
    • marinated, slow roasted pork belly, served up with creamy mash, potato, roast pumpkin, butter-sautéed market veg, and finished with cider jus and mango peach chutney,
  • RIBS, WEDGES, & RINGS $24.50
    • Mate, our ribs have been rocking out the door since we took over this crazy place. Try them and see why: A stack of slow-braised, fall-off-the-bone pork ribs drenched in our secret sauce, with seasoned wedges, a tower of beer battered onion rings, and sour cream. Oh, and a finger bowl ’cause you’ll need it!
  • BEEF BURGER $19.00
    • This towering monstrosity of a burger is a jaw-dropper – 100% beef patty, thick-cut cheddar, streaky bacon, fried egg, tomato relish, stacked up on lettuce, salad goodies, tomato, house pickles, aioli. Served in a gourmet toasted garlic bun with fries, Tommy, and a crisp onion ring
  • BANGERS & MASH $16.50
    • Old man Winter is here, and that means it’s time for two beautiful sausages, creamy mashed potato, plenty of cider gravy, crisp peas, a slice of garlic toasted ciabatta, and a grilled BBQ tomato
  • PASTA O’ THE DAY $19.00
    • Nothing silences the stomach grumbles like a bowl of pasta. Ask the staff what Mental Mike came up with for today’s pasta. Whatever it is, I’ll be hot, scrummy, and it’ll come with garlic toasted ciabatta bread >>
    • Herb crusted breast of chicken, smothered in a ham, mushroom, and basil pesto infused cream cheese, topped with mozzarella & baked until bubbly. Served over chunky garlic herb potato, sautéed broccoli, and whatever else we pulled out of Jeff’s garden this morning
    • Michelle likes everything to be perfect, and that is never more apparent than with her beer batter: Back to basics I say Fish, chips, salad, aioli, tomato sauce and lemon(WITH BLUE COD $27)
  • CHICKEN WRAP $18.50
    • Our wraps are legend here at the FAT, and with good reason, lettuce and salad goodies, avocado salsa, house-cured BBQ pickles, aioli and sweet chilli, wrapped up in a crisp, cheesytortilla with crisp crumbled strips of chicken, And because we love you, we’ll add fries, Tommy, and sour cream on the side >>
    • This is a twist on one of Mike’s mother’s recipes: Blue cod fillets smothered in a creamy parmesan and spring onion spread, baked until bubbly and golden, served with roasted garlic herb potatoes, pan fried market vegetables, and finished with slivers of red pepper
    • This salad has been with us from the start—for good reason: Pan fried Cajun-dusted fish and battered chilli prawns resting on a bed of salad goodies, avocado salsa, baby spinach, mung beans, cucumber, tomato, mandarins, crisp tortilla noodles, drizzled with our awesome Italian dressing and finished with aioli & mango coriander chutney
    • The locals would riot if we took this off the menu. Butterflied breast of chicken, coated in our super-crispy secret coating, smothered in our house made tomato relish, topped with cheese and baked until ooey-gooey. Served with steak fries, and a crisp garden side salad

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Kokoda of Fresh Market Fish with Kanu Rice Crackers, Nam Jim Sorbet $13.00
  • Kanu Made Kim Chi $11.00
  • Burmese Shan Tofu: Kanu made yellow split pea tofu with Miso sauce $14.00
  • Misiluki Banana, Chocolate and Hazelnut Wonton, Kaffir Caramel, Banana Ice Cream $15.00
  • Roasted Duck with Cherry Hoisin, Green Onion Pancakes, Pickled Cucumber $36.00
  • Kung Fu Pow Tempeh with Chilli, Peanuts, Green Tea Soba Noodles (V) $27.00
  • Tahitian Vanilla and Lime Tart, Bruleed Palm Sugar $15.00
  • Edamame with Lemongrass Chilli Jam $11.00
  • Crispy pork belly salad,edamame, spinach, lotus root, tamarillo vinaigrette $23
  • Steamed pork belly dumplings, 5 spice dipping sauce, fragrant herbs, pickled ginger $15
  • Ricotta hotcakes, roasted quince, cardamom, honeycomb, vanilla bean mascarpone $18
  • Field and Japanese mushrooms, black pudding, tarragon, fried potato, poached egg $21
  • Southern fried chicken sandwich, soft Turkish roll, red slaw, handcut agria fries, dill pickles $25
  • Turkish poached eggs, garlic, dill, greek yoghurt, chilli and grilled bread $18
  • Add: bacon, tomato, spinach, mushroom, avo $5ea
  • Crispy shrimp Huevos Rancheros, soft flour tortilla, black beans, avacado salsa, fried eggs, hot sauce, coriander $24
  • Beer Fries $10.50
    • And you thought fries couldn't get any better! Beer battered and served with aioli & BBQ sauce
  • Luigis Italian
    • Crispy bacon, pepperoni, mixed capsicums, red onions, and mushrooms
  • Large $34.50
  • Large $34.50
  • Small $19.50
  • The Americana
    • A simple pepperoni and cheese pizza at its best
  • Nachos $19.00
    • Great to share! Corn chips heaped with our spicy Mexican beef chilli, cheese and topped with fresh tomato salsa and sour cream (add guacamole $3.50, add jalapenos $2.00)
  • 250gm Ribeye Steak $36.00
    • Slow roasted ribeye with potato gratin, sauteed greens and jus. Best served medium rare >>
  • Hollandaise $2.50
  • South Island Angus Beef Burger $20.00
    • Portobello mushroom, blue cheese, dijon mayo, pickled red onion, spinach, agria fries
  • Bacon $7.00
  • Ora King Smoked Salmon (gf) $21.00
    • Poached eggs, kumara, kale & agria rosti, watercress pesto, spring onion creme fraiched
  • Quinoa Bowl (gf, vegan) $18.00
    • Pumpkin, carrot & pea curry, parsley, crispy spiced tofu & peanuts
  • Grilled Halloumi & Poached Eggs $20.00
    • Smashed pea & edamame, oven dried tomatoes, crispy kale, seaweed salt, toasted sourdough
  • Eggs Benedict $18.50
    • Apple cider hollandaise, oven dried tomatoes, toasted english muffin - vegetarian
  • Eggs with Bacon or Pork Sausage $18.50
    • Pan-fried potatoes, fresh herbs, toast
  • Tamarind Prawns $28.00
    • Lightly battered prawns wok-tossed in spiced tamarind sauce, served with crispy shallots & garlic on roasted pineapple
  • Spring Rolls $8.50
    • Vietnamese-inspired fried rice paper rolls with chicken & glass noodles
  • Beef Mussaman $23.00
    • Succulent beef slow cooked in peanut Mussaman curry with baby onions & pumpkin, served with a refreshing cucumber relish & Thai roti
  • Fish Cake Roll $10.00
    • Fish & prawn meat seasoned with curry paste, wrapped in nori & deep fried
  • Singha Beer Battered Chicken $20.00
    • Tossed in roasted chilli sauce with onion, peppers & cashew nuts
  • Larb Gai $20.00
    • Minced chicken salad mixed with Thai herbs & roasted rice powder, served in lettuce cups
  • Duck Curry $29.00
    • Roasted duck in red curry with pineapple, cherry tomatoes, grapes & fresh basil
  • Seasonal Vegetables $6.50
  • Sorbet $6.00
    • Seasonal sorbet palate cleanser
  • Havoc teriyaki-glazed pork belly, kumara mash, bok choy and shitakes $39.00
  • Merino lamb rump & sweetbread, corn salad, polenta and sumac dressing $39.00
  • Scallops, cauliflower coconut and squid risotto, apple, lime and curry $25.00
  • Fish $39.00
    • ora king salmon crab and pea salad, pea dashi and grilled aubergine market fish and potato cannelloni, romesco sauce, carrot, orange and crepers
  • Wagyu Nz firstlight wagyu rib eye marble score 7-9 250g $105.00
  • 1 Cheese $9.00
  • wagyu flank steak salad, miso cream, pickled vegetables, shitake, crispy noodles $23.00
  • Mango Cheese Cake
  • Caesar Salad: $17.50
    • Cos lettuce, crispy streaky bacon, homemade croutons, shaved parmesan with a soft boiled egg(Add smoked chicken to the Caesar Salad for $3.50)
  • Asian Basket -(Spring rolls, samosas & fries) $12.50
  • Basket of fries - $7.00
  • Warm Chocolate Brownie Served with Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Moe’s Beef Burger: $17.00
    • Delicious beef burger Pattie on focaccia bread with tomato, red onions, fancy lettuce, cheese and aioli served with fries
  • Fish and Chips: $16.50
    • A beer battered fish, served with chunky fries, coleslaw, lemon wedge & tartar sauce
  • Seasoned Wedges - (With sour cream and sweet chilli sauce) $8.50
  • Pier’s chocolate brownie $15.00
    • served with toffee fudge sauce and vanilla bean ice cream
  • Add Crayfish POA
  • Hash browns $5.00
  • Savannah angus rib-eye on the bone 500g $52.00
    • Choose of sauce choices: Café de Paris butter, Garlic aioli, Green peppercorn, Bearnaise, Pinot noir jus
  • Zamora charcuterie board $38.00
    • with a selection of accompaniments
  • Veggie big breakfast $18.00
    • poached eggs, hash browns, portabello mushrooms, roasted tomato, house beans, sautéed spinach, buttered sourdough
  • Eton mess $15.00
    • crunchy vanilla meringue, raspberry granita, berry coulis
  • Beer battered fish and chips $24.00
    • with Pier 19 slaw and house tartare
  • Muc Ca Ri $21.00
    • Green Curry squid
  • Mussel Black Bean and Chilli $21.00
  • Mi Xao Gion Thap Cam $15.00
    • Combination Crispy F/Noodle
  • Tom yum Voi (GA, hai san, tom) $18.50
    • Tom yum (chicken, seafood or prawn)
  • Com chain Ca man $16.00
    • Salted fish fried rice
  • Com Ga roti $17.00
    • Five spices chicken on rice
  • Bo Kho $17.50
    • stewed beer Vietnamese style
  • Tom Yum $16.00
    • noodle soup(beef, chicken, seafood)
  • Roast Beef Salad R $10.90 / P $8.90
  • Regular (R) Petita (P)
  • Chick n Fala Pita R $11.50 / P $9.50
  • The Family Feast $40.00
  • Chick n Fala Salad R $12.50 / P $10.50
  • Cheeky Chicken / Happy Ham / Brave Beef $5.00
  • Garden (V) Pita R $8.50 / P $7.50
  • Marmite Mania / Very Vegemite / Super Vege (3 Fillings) $4.00
  • Roasted Root Vegetables $8
  • Calamari & Chorizo - Grilled Chorizo & Salt & Pepper Calamari served on Top of a Fresh Mixed Salad with Balsamic Dressing $22
  • Fries - Chunky Cut $6, with gravy: $7
  • Garlic Loaf - Straight out of the oven and Served with lashings of garlic butter $12
  • Fish and Chips - Crumbed Fillets. Served with Fresh Salad Fries and Tartare Sauce $15
  • Vegie Wrap - Roast Pumpkin, Spinach, Feta, Sun Dried Tomatoes & Hummus $12, With fries, add $3
  • Roast Pumpkin & Beetroot Salad - Served with Feta, Pinenuts and Mixed Greens.Drizzled with a Honey & Aged Balsamic Dressing $20
  • Bbq Pulled Pork - Slowly Roasted Pork, Shredded and mixed with Bbq Sauce. Served in a Burger Bun with Surreal Slaw. Comes with Fries $15
  • KIDS PORRIDGE( V) $6.80
    • with chopped nuts, fruit and brown sugar
  • Kransky $3.50
  • KRANSKY AND CHIPS(GF )Kransky sausages with chips and tomato sauce $9.80
  • EGGS (GFO) (VO) $16.80
    • two free range eggs, toast and hollandaise + add streaky bacon or mushroom or spinach.
  • PIKELETS( VO)raspberry jam and real whipped cream . $6.80
  • AUTOBAHN $18.80
    • crumbed beef schnitzel with lemon wedges, gravy and chips.
  • ROAST VEGE SALAD (GF) (V) $18.80
    • roasted vegetable medley with rocket, cashews, feta and aioli.
  • Large Chips $9.50
  • Bleue d'Auvergne (cow, soft, region Central Auvergne)
  • Served with your choice of mixed greens our French fries
  • Moules mariniere (mussels cooked in white wine) $23.00
    • Bread / garlic / creme fraiche (GF bread on request)
  • 6 for $42.00
  • Grilled chicken burger $20.00
    • Brioche / provolone cheese / lettuce / tomato / avocado puree/ chipotle aioli
  • 4 for $32.00
  • Goat cheese crostini salad $19.00
    • Rocket salad/ prosciutto/ rosemary oil
  • Brie de Meaux (cow, soft, region de Meaux)
  • Nevis $19.00
    • Fresh basil, tomato & mozzarella
  • Beer battered fish & chips served with rustic fries, dill & caper mayo $23.00
  • Saffron seafood chowder, chive & capsicum rouille & bakery bread $13.50
  • Add an additional lamb shank $7.00
  • Classic club sandwich with chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato. Served with salad & fries $18.00
  • Silverfern Reserve beef ribeye $34.00
  • Rustic fries served with tomato sauce & garlic aioli $10.00
  • ‘Impressions’ burger with homemade beef pattie, beetroot, tomato, smoked cheese, bacon & lettuce. Served with salad & fries $19.50
  • Californian $12.50
    • Pesto chicken, cheddar, tomato, capsicum, mixed greens, sprouts, cucumber, hummus & guacamole
  • - Add ham for $2.50
  • - Add Extra Items - Black Beans, Mushroom, Tomato, Capsicum, Jalapenos, Guacamole $0.50 each
  • Grilled Cheese Panini $5.00
  • El Gringo $12.50
    • Your choice of chicken or beef w/ guacamole, salsa, sour cream, cheddar, tomato, lettuce, black beans & hot sauce (jalapenos optional)
  • Seafood Chowder
    • Fisherman's blend of seafood and vegetables in a thick and creamy veloute
  • The Charlie (Banh Mi) $12.50
    • Vietnamese chicken, cucumber, pickled carrot & daikon radish, coriander, fresh chilli, spring onion, mayo and sweet soy sauce
  • Ham & Cheese Croissant $7.00
    • Ham, cheddar and tomato on croissant
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