Georgio's Cafe in Christchurch Menu

Georgio's Cafe in Christchurch has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Al Funghi or Apricot Chicken from Spagalimis Italian Pizzeria. Waimairi Chinese Takeaways offers many options including Combination Fried Rice and Pottle Fried Noodles. Melton Estate includes a wide range like Melton Estate Rosé 2011 or Melton Estate Pinot Gris 2011. Plain and Mushroom from . Akaroa Fish and Chips offers Foodsing and Radish Peel Preserved by Sauce.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • S= Small / L= Large
  • Spaghetti S $8.5 / L $12
  • Chalaw Kabab Mixed, Salad, Drink S $10 / L $14
  • Chicken S $8.5 / L $12
  • Chalaw Halve Chicken, Salad, Drink S $12 / L $16
  • Nandagh Kabab Mixed. Salad, Drink S $9 / L $13
  • Chalaw Halve Lamb, Salad, Drink S $11 / L $15
  • Lamb S $8.5 / L $12
  • Gravy, Plain, Peppercorn, Mushroom or Garlic $3.00
  • Rosewater Meringues $10.00
    • Rosewater meringues served with cream and berry compote
  • Sticky Date Pudding $12.00
    • Sticky date pudding served warm with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice-cream
  • Pork Ribs $26.00
    • Slow cooked pork ribs marinated in our special sauce served with coleslaw and fries
  • Breads and Dips $15.00
    • Today’s fresh bread selection served with our trio of homemade dips
  • Scallops in Bacon $20.00
    • Our famous pan seared scallops wrapped in bacon served on a bed of crispy potatoes and spinach topped with hollandaise sauce
  • Salad Bowl $6.00
  • Roast $15.00
    • Check today’s selection with our staff, served with roast potatoes and vegetables with Hollandaise sauce
  • Butter Chicken $16.90
    • World famous Indian delicacy-marinated chicken slow cooked and finished with a creamy tomato masala sauce (mild - medium)
  • Karhai Paneer $15.90
    • A host of whole spices sauteed in onion and tomato with Indian cottage cheese (medium - hot)
  • Lamb Wrap $12.90
  • Pindi Chana $15.90
    • Chickpeas accompanied with tomatoes, ginger and garlic (medium - hot)
  • Lamb Korma $17.90
    • Diced lamb in a creamy cashew sauce with coconut (mild)
  • Garlic Naan $4.00
  • Prawn Malabari $18.90
    • Tempting Indian classic with red onion and fresh chilli (medium hot)
  • Chicken Biryani $16.90
    • Blend of tender chicken and fresh basmati rice with seasonal vegetables - mixers choice (medium - hot)
  • Chicken Nuggets & Fries $8.00
    • 6 x chicken nuggets served with salad or skinny fries
  • GF $18.00
    • Our own honey, almond & chia toasted muesli, layered with banana, summer berry compote, lime infused coconut & served with almond milk on the side (DF)
  • Plumlicious $9.50
    • a colour sensation Black Doris plums with blueberries, apple juice & soy milk. Great way to get your anti-oxidants & tick the fibre box at the same time
  • Hot 'Diggity' Dog $10.00
    • smoked frankfurter in a bread roll, with hash browns & a teeny tiny salad on the side
  • Banana Plus $9.50
    • a traditional banana smoothie enhanced with vanilla ice cream & light flavoured with honey
  • Fries $8.00
    • a bowl of shoe string fries served with our aioli - the best in town!
  • Spinach & Mushroom $19.00
  • Roast Pork & Season Veges $12.00
  • Pork Mushroom on Fried Rice $11.00
  • Ginger Beef $12.00
  • 1.5l soft drink
  • 1 Dozen Deep fried chicken wings
  • Chicken Mushroom Soup $6.50
  • 1.5l soft drink
  • Prawn and Cashew Nuts $14.00
  • King Prawns Fried Rice $12.80
    • Fried rice with king prawns, shrimps and vegetables in garlic sauce.
  • Garlic Fried Rice $10.50
    • Fried rice with king prawns, roast pork, beef, chicken and vegetables in garlic sauce.
  • Vegetarian Soup $9.00
  • Combination Noodles $10.50
    • Egg noodles with king prawn, roast pork, beef, chicken and vegetables in oyster sauce.
  • Honey Chicken Fried Rice $9.80
    • Fried rice with battered chicken and vegetables in sweet honey sauce.
  • Curry Laksa Soup $10.20
    • Egg noodles with king prawns, chicken, crab meat, tofu and vegetables in Malaysian-style creamy coconut curry soup.
  • Chicken Chow Mee $9.80
    • Egg noodles with chicken and vegetables in oyster sauce.
  • Fried Kuai Teow $9.80
    • Thick rice noodles with roast pork, shrimps and vegetables in sweet soy and mild chili sauce.
  • Sweet Corn Kumara Fritters - Sundried Tomato, Sweet Corn and Kumara Fritters on a pine nut and Green Salad, choice from Streaky bacon and Smoked salmon, come with Sweet Corn Sour Cream. $18.50
  • Flat Bread - Pita bread coated with a blend of sun dried tomatoes and garlic with a dash of fresh parmesan and oven baked to perfection. Sweet chilli sauce & sour cream to compliment. $12.50
  • Beer Battered Fish n Chips - Crispy fish n chips with gourmet salad and homemade tartare sauce. $19.50
  • Cheeky Tortilla - Trio of wraps with ripped lettuce, creamy avocado and chunky tomato salsa and pickles. Along with Smoked salmon and citrus aioli. $16.50
  • Ribeye Steak - 200gms of Ribeye Steak, cooked to your liking and served with crisp fries, a horseradish & beetroot pesto and battered onion rings. $24.50
  • Cajun Prawn & Fish Salad - Grilled and arranged on a salad of snow pea shoots, cucumber, red onion, mandarins and feta bound with vinaigrette, finished with a roast garlic aioli. $23.50
  • Chicken Salad - Ripped lettuce with roasted cashews, ripe avocado salsa, crotons, and other goodies, bound with Italian vinaigrette and finished with tender grilled chicken and bacon. $19.50
  • Nachos - Cheesy corn chips elegantly piled and enveloped with a chilli bean, tomato and Capsicum mix baked in the oven with cheese and finished with lashings of Avocado salsa and sour cream. $16.50
  • Lamb Kiwi Classic with a Twist (gf) $39.50
    • Glazed rack of lamb, grilled soya & chilli lamb rump sitting on a baby pea & mint potato cake served with a shot of roasted lamb soup
  • Wakanui 21 day aged Sirloin 350gm (gf) $45.00
    • Potatoes-Duck fat roasted agria potatoes with rosemary (v)/ Golden fries with tomato & aioli (gf)(v) / Potato wedges with sour cream (v)/ Creamed potato mash (gf)(v) Sauces- Syrah jus (gf)/ Brandy & green peppercorn/ Mushroom and garlic/ Blue cheese ranch / Roasted garlic butter (gf) >>
  • Toasted Sandwich $8.50/$14.50
    • with your choice of three fillings: ham, cheese, pineapple, tomato, red onion or bacon. Can be served toasted (1 x Sandwich/ 2 x Sandwiches)
  • Chicken Liver Pate
    • Served with pear & fig chutney & lightly toasted house baked bread & crackers $15.50
  • Smooth Dory Fish Goujons $17.50
    • Strips of deep sea South Island fish coated in cashew nut crumbs & served with our homemade tartare sauce
  • American Club Sandwich & Fries $19.50
    • Classic bacon, chicken, tomato & egg with lettuce leaves & mayo
  • Dessert of the Day $13.50
    • wait staff will advise
  • Canterbury Eye Fillet 200gm (gf) $36.00
    • Potatoes-Duck fat roasted agria potatoes with rosemary (v)/ Golden fries with tomato & aioli (gf)(v) / Potato wedges with sour cream (v)/ Creamed potato mash (gf)(v) Sauces- Syrah jus (gf)/ Brandy & green peppercorn/ Mushroom and garlic/ Blue cheese ranch / Roasted garlic butter (gf)
  • Fish Tikka $22.00
    • Pieces of boneless fish marinated overnight in yoghurt, spices and herbs. Cooked in a charcoal tandoor.
  • Tandoori Chicken
    • Chicken marinated overnight in special blend of yoghurt, herbs and spices then roasted in tandoor.
  • Chicken Tikka Masala $19.00
    • Tender pieces of chicken cooked with onion & fresh capsicum.
  • Chilli Chicken $19.00
    • Battered fried chicken cooked with fresh diced capsicum, onions, soy sauce and chilli sauce (Chinese in Indian style).
  • Shahi Paneer $18.00
    • Cottage cheese cubes cooked with special blend of spices with cashews, almond paste and butter.
  • Lamb Posht $19.00
    • Lamb cooked in herbs and spices with cashew nuts, cream & poppy seeds
  • Tandoori Mushrooms (10 pcs) $14.00
    • Mushroom dipped in a spicy garlic & yoghurt marinade cooked in the tandoor. Served with mint chutney.
  • Gobhi Chilli $14.00
    • Cauliflower battered, then deep fried, stir fried with onion, capsicum, chilli sauce and mint sauce.
  • Soup of the day $10.50
  • Margarita $16 medium / $22 large
    • fresh tomato, fresh basil topped, mozzarella cheese
  • Lamb Shank $37.00
    • Slow cooked Canterbury lamb shank, roasted root vegetables, mint glazed potatoes, red wine jus
  • Battered Fish $24.00
    • Fresh market fish coated in a crispy batter, thick cut fries, tartare sauce, lemon wedges
  • Market Fresh Vegetables $7.00
  • Seafood Chowder $10.50 small / $15.00
    • fresh south island seafood, saffron infused creamy seafood base
  • Akaroa Salmon $37.00
    • Pan fried salmon, dill and citrus risotto, spinach butter cream sauce, crispy parsnip
  • Medium $17.50
  • SOUP OF THE DAY(V)(GFO) $12.00
    • made with fresh local in season ingredients, served with toasted ciabatta
  • CANTERBURY MERINO LAMB SHOULDER (for one/for two) $28.00/$48.00
    • raised on the canterbury plains, lamb braised in tomato, lemon and Moroccan spices on pumpkin, raisin and almond course, finished with house made yoghurt and own garden mint
    • salmon, crumbed prawns, scallops, fried calamari, demitasse of crayfish bisque, mussels, ginger beer battered orange roughy, salad and toasted ciabatta
    • two eggs cooked any style with kiwi streaky bacon and grilled tomato
    • nelson crayfish roasted and reduced into a flavoursome liquor then blended with cream, served with toasted ciabatta
    • two eggs any style, crispy bacon, grilled tomato, Cumberland sausage, grilled mushrooms, hash browns, tomato chutney and grilled ciabatta
  • Mussels with honey, soy and sesame seeds(DF)
  • Panko crumbed prawns (5) with garlic aioli (DF)
  • Sides Combo $9.99
    • Onion rings, reg.chips, drink & garlic bread
  • Apricot Chicken
    • Mozzarella,Pizza Sauce, Tender Chicken, Red Onion, Capsicum, Dried Apricot, Fresh Apricot, Apricot Sauce
  • Pumpkin & Feta with Rosemary
    • Mozzarella, Pizza Sauce, Feta, Fresh Rosemary & Seasoned With Cracked Black Pepper, Olives, Caramelized Onion, Sun-Dried Tomato, Roasted Pumpkin with Smoked Bacon
  • Chicken ‘ n’ Bacon Deluxe $7.90
    • Chicken Fillet, Caramelized Onion, Salad, Smokey BBQ Sauce, Bacon, Shredded Cheese
  • Children’s Special Pizza
    • Mozzarella, Pizza Sauce, Plain and Simple- Cheese & Tomato Sauce with Optional Ham & Pineapple
  • Supreme $7.90
    • Breast Fillet, Mayo, Cheese, Onion, Tomato, Lettuce, Aioli Sauce
  • Creamy Chicken Pesto $7.90
    • Chicken Fillet, Pesto Sauce, Caramelized Onion, Salad, Mayonnaise
  • Tangy Veg. Supreme
    • Chunky Sauce, Mozzarella, Capsicum, Caramelized Onion, Pineapple, Mushroom, Tangy Sauce, Ginger
  • Don Mario Santoini $26.00
    • Pulled pork, cowboy beans, smoked hickory BBQ sauce, mozzarella and sour cream
  • Roasted Corn and Bacon Chowder $16.00
    • Served in a sour dough bread cob
  • Garlic Flat Bread $14.00
    • With guacamole, tomato salsa, and sweet basil pesto
  • Caesar Salad $18.50
    • Crisp cos, bacon, parmesan, egg and croutons tossed in a garlicy, cheesy, anchovy mayo
  • Fredo De Pussi $26.00
    • A beetroot puree base with mushrooms, artichoke, charred pimento, black olives, jalapenos, feta and mozzarella and seasoned with rosemary, thyme and garlic
  • 'Mosquito Brother' $26.00
    • Sweet soy marinated roast chicken, chilli, ginger, spring onions and cashews with brie and cream cheese
  • ''Big Paulie'' Castellano $28.00
    • Pepperoni, NY sausage, Clemenza's meatball, ham and bacon with garlic tomato sauce
  • Horrendous Honolulu $24.00
    • Kids love it, real pineapple, real ham, real cheese..... - if we have to do has to be a good one!
  • Deep Dish Apple Pie with Ice-Cream $6.00
  • Rice Crackle $4.00
    • A perennial favorite of young and old alike!!
  • Muffins $5.00
    • Changing daily, light and fluffy packed with real fruit
  • Spiced Sticky Date Cake - Gluten & Dairy Free $6.00
    • Served with berry coulis
  • Scones / Scrolls / Danish $5.00
    • Changing Daily - served with butter
  • Banbury Cake $6.00
    • Made to an age old family recipe, flaky frosted puff pastry encasing a sweetmeat filling of fruits and spices
  • Caramalised Lemon Tart $6.00
    • Served with berry coulis and creme fraiche'
  • Moroccan Bean Casserole - Gluten Free, Dairy Free $8.00 / $14.00
    • A variety of beans, gently simmered in a tomato and onion sauce with fresh Avoca Valley herbs and our own Moroccan spice blend. Served with house-made slaw (Without / With Salad)
  • Chips $4.50
    • per bag
  • Hot dog $3.00
  • Very Vegetarian $15.50
    • Fresh tomatoes, field mushrooms, capsicum, red onion, garlic with a base of tomato and onion relish.
  • Family Pack $18.00
    • Includes 2 bags of chips and 4 sides as per above
  • Spring Roll $3.50
  • Chicken Nuggets $4.00
    • half dozen
  • Italiano $15.50
    • Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, capsicum, cabanossi infused in a creamy garlic sauce or bbq sauce.
  • Fish $3.50
    • per piece
Georgio's Cafe

Georgio's Cafe



8/55 Epsom Road, Sockburn, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8042, New Zealand








Opened hours

6:30 AM to 4 PM (Mon-Fri), Sat & Sun Closed
price range


$10 - $20




service level





Cafe Food



Takeaway ,  Vegetarian Friendly ,  Breakfast ,  Catering Available ,  Bar Not Available ,  Seating ,  Outdoor Seating

8/55 Epsom Road, Sockburn, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8042, New Zealand
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