Vanilla Bean in Christchurch City Menu

  • Tempura Shrimp $14
    • juicy tempura shrimp loving w. seaweed & chili seasoning
  • Bread and Dips $14
    • lovely selection of bread and dips
  • Prosciutto Cream Cheese Spinach Roulade $16
    • prosciutto cream cheese spinach roulade w- rocket salad, walnuts, cherry tomato and ciabatta
  • Soup of the day $12.50
    • please ask our friendly staff
  • Venison Perkelt (Srnci na houbach s bramborovym knedlikem) $26
    • venison perkelt served w- crumbed potato dumplings
  • Beef Goulash (Hovezi Gulas) $22.50
    • Czech beef goulash served w. dumplings or in bread
  • Beef Rouladen w. Jasmine Rice (Spanelsky ptacek s Jasminovou ryzi) $23.50
    • bacon, boiled egg, sausage and pickles wrapped in thinly sliced beef sirloin served w- jasmine rice
  • Roast Duck (Pecena kachna) $28
    • classic roast duck served w- braised red cabbage and potato dumplings
  • Chicken Breast with ham, cheese and peach (Kureci prso se sunkou, broskvi a syrem) $25
    • mouthwatering chicken breast combined with ham, cheese, and peach served w- fresh salad and potato dauphinoise
  • Svickova $22.50
    • delicious creamy sauce & beef served w. bread dumplings
  • Pork Ribs (Veprova zebra) (0.5 kg / 1 kg) $25 / $32
    • slow cooked tender pork ribs in a honey marinade served w. fries and coleslaw
  • Bohemian Roast Pork (Vepro knedlo zelo) $22.50
    • roast pork served w. braise white cabbage and bread dumplings
  • Hunter’s Stew (Slezsky Bigos) $25
    • warming hunters stew served in bread
  • Ondras $25
    • succulent chicken breast wrapped in potato pancake served with fresh salad
  • Goat Cheese & Green Bean Salad $22
    • served with semi dried tomato, Kalamata olives, red onion, mesculin lettuce and bread croutons
  • Fish of the Day N/A
    • please ask our friendly staff
  • Pasta of the Day N/A
    • please ask our friendly staff
  • Apple Tart $14
    • apple tart served with whipped cream and ice cream
  • Deep Fried Ice Cream $14
    • deep fried ice cream served with whipped cream and berry compote
  • Berry Cheesecake $12.50
    • berry cheesecake served with ice cream and whipped cream
  • Full Belly Breakfast $22
    • bacon, sausage, potato crumpet, mushroom, beans tomato, free range eggs your way, toast or fresh bread
  • Eggs Benedict $20
    • free range poached eggs & hollandaise sauce served on house-made potato hash & spinach w. either bacon, ham, mushroom
  • Eggs Benedict $21.50
    • w. house smoked salmon
  • Bohemian Breakfast $20
    • Bramborák (Czech savoury potato pancake), spinach, bacon free range poached eggs
  • Hot Cakes $16
    • served w. yogurt & cream and 2 choices of either jam & berries, or nutella & banana
  • Avocado and Feta Smash $16
    • served w. free range poached eggs on wholegrain toast rocket & cherry tomato salad
  • Avocado and Feta Smash $19
    • add bacon
  • French Toast $18
    • served w. maple syrup, banana, bacon, cream
  • Eggs Your Way $12.50
    • free range eggs your way either poached, scramble or fried served on multigrain toast
  • Trio Omelette $17
    • served w. toast or fresh bread and 2 choices of either: ham, cheese, mushroom, spring onion
  • Trio Omelette $19
    • served w. house smoked salmon & cream cheese
  • Toasties $6.50
    • w. 3 fillings of your choice; cheese, ham, tomato, pineapple, onion
  • Bagel $6
    • w. cream cheese
  • Bagel $7
    • w. cream cheese and jam
  • Bagel $9
    • w. 2 fillings - cream cheese, tomato or pesto
  • Bagel $12
    • house smoked salmon & cream cheese
  • Open-Faced Sandwich $24.50
    • your choice of either a tender beef steak or succulent chicken breast, served on ciabatta w. lettuce, tomato, mushroom caramelised onion, bacon smoked cheddar cheese, aioli, fries
  • Beef Burger $21
    • house-made prime beef patty w. lettuce, tomato smoked cheddar cheese,fried free range egg chipotle and fries
  • House Hot Smoked Salmon Focaccia Sandwich $24
    • served w. grilled capsicum, eggplant courgette and crème fraiche dill remoulade
  • Goat Cheese & Green Bean Salad $18
    • served w. semi dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, red onion, mesclun lettuce and bread croutons
  • Lamb Salad $23
    • grilled lamb fillet served w. balsamic strawberry, baby spinach, red onion, mint pesto and kumara chips
  • Caesar Salad $18
    • baby cos, free range poached egg, bacon, Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, cherry tomato and bread croutons
  • Caesar Salad $21
    • add chicken
  • Beef Steak $18
    • 180g beef steak, served w. salad, fries and sauce of your choice from mushroom, green peppercorn or red wine jus
  • Bramborák $22
    • famous Czech savoury potato pancake filled w. chicken and seasonal vegetables
  • Pasta of the Day N/A
    • ask our friendly staff
  • Soup of The Day $12.50
  • Czech Specials N/A
    • ask our friendly staff or see our specials board

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