Norman's Kitchen in Christchurch City Menu

Norman's Kitchen in Christchurch City has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Served on rice with miso soup or Chicken curry from Mugen. Allure Cafe and Gallery offers many options including and No:01 Cereal, Fruit, Milk and Yogurt. Pita Pit includes a wide range like ·Steak Pita or -Regular. Chicken Sat ay Sticks (4pcs) and Fish Cakes (4pcs) from . Kanniga's Thai Foods offers Terra Viva Cafe and Deli and Terra Viva Smoothie Bowl.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Spicy Pork Belly & Smashed Avocado $21.00
    • Served w green salad on toasted sourdough bread
  • Waffles $16.50
    • Delicious brioche waffles w a crunchy caramalised shell served w fruit salsa, candied nuts, berry compote w Greek yoghurt
  • Eggs your way $10.00
    • Poached or scrambled free range eggs served on toasted bread
  • Eggs Benedict $21.00
    • Poached free-range eggs and lemon hollandaise sauce served w smoked salmon and sauteed spinach on pesto hash
  • Oven Toasted Muesli $14.50
    • Served w seasonal fruits, milk and Greek yoghurt
  • Superfood Salad $18.50
    • Quinoa, chia seeds, brown rice, kale, roasted seasonal veges served w Beef marinated w sweet soy sauce
  • Soup of the Day $13.00
    • Served w toasted Supergrain bread
  • Baked Beans $16.00
    • Southern style baked beans w beef mince, crispy bacon and poached free range eggs. Served with toasted bread
    • Eggs any style, streaky bacon, pork sausages, slow roasted tomato, field mushrooms, house made hash brown served with toast
  • (GF bagel available)
  • + Side of fries $5.00
  • Loaded Wedges $14.50
    • Baked wedges with bacon bits, cheddar cheese, sour cream & chipotle mayonnaise
  • PULLED PORK $14.50
    • Slowed-cooked tender pork with coleslaw and spiced apple chutney
  • Japanese Chicken Burger $18.50
    • House brioche bun, karaage chicken, tomato relish, tonkatsu mayo, cajun fries & kewpie mayo
  • Spinach, Tomato, Hash brown, Sausages, Smashed Avocado $3.50
  • + Fried egg $2.00
  • Scallops - Dozen (battered or crumbed) $16.00
  • Chicken Nibbles (Dozen) $8.50
  • Onion Rings (Dozen) $8.50
  • Fish $5.10
  • Vegetarian $5.50
  • Seafood Sticks $2.20
  • Chicken Patties $2.60
  • Blue Cod Fillets (crumbed or battered) $8.70
  • Plain $3.50
  • Scallops 1/2 Doz $9.00
  • Donut or gluten free donut $2.00
  • Chicken $4.80
  • Mini Donuts 1/2 Doz $2.50
  • Fish $4.80
  • Pineapple $4.00
  • Steak & onion pattie $2.20
  • Mussels 1/2 doz $4.00
  • Bacon Corn $2.00
  • Curry Roll $2.80
  • Chicken Nuggets 6 for $3.30
  • Sole & Eggs $9.50
  • Eggs & steak $11.50
  • Lemon Pepper Fish $2.90
  • Giant $5.30
  • Tianfu vegetarian soup Braised Mixed Vegetable Soup S $4.00 / M $15.00
  • Sizzling Spring Onion and Ginger Venison $25.00
  • Cumin lamb Lamb with Cumin $20.00
  • Jiangcong sizzling lamb $20.00
    • Sizzling Spring Onion and Ginger Lamb
  • Sizzling Spring Onion and Ginger Venison $20.00
  • Roast Pork Small $22.00 / Medium $32.00
  • Spicy Pork with Vinegar $18.00
  • Roast Duck & Roast Pork & BBQ Pork $35.00
  • sausage, Egg & Chips $15.00
    • Two Sausages, Chips, Eggs with lashings of Gravy
  • Omelette $10.00
    • Three Egg Omelette Nled with Bacon, Cheese, Tomato & Side salad
  • LBj Burger $16.00
    • 120 g Pattie, Egg, Tomato, Lettuce, Mayo, Tomato Relish & Fries
  • Apple Crumble $10.00
    • Tapped with ice- cream & Cream
  • Beer Battered Hoki $15.00
    • Two Fillets of Hokin in a Beer Batter, lots of Fries, two eggs & Slow
  • Bowl of Fries $7.00
    • Large bowl of fries with Tomato Sauce &Aioli
  • Paltter $40.00
    • 6 x Fish Bites, Samosas, Spring Rolls, Chicken Nuggets, Squid Rings & Chips
  • Seafood Basket $12.00
    • 3 x Calamari Rings, Fish Bites, 4 x Salt & Pepper Squid bites with Fries
  • Crab Stick $2.20
  • Chocolate Donut $2.20
  • Jam Rap Donut $2.20
  • Bacon & Eggs $4.80
  • Curry Roll $2.70
  • Corn Fritter $2.20
  • Cheese $4.00
  • Extra $0.80
  • Soup of the Day $9.50
    • Served with fresh focaccia bread & butter. Please ask to the counter for today's flavour
  • Robert Harris Big Breakfast $18.50
    • Free range eggs any style served with bacon, breakfast sausages, hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms and toast
  • -With Salmon $17.50
  • Omelette $15.50
    • Free range eggs, with you choice of three fillings: bacon, ham, cheese, tomato, mushroom, onion, pineapple, served with toast
  • Crumbed Chicken Caesar Salad $16.50
    • Made with crumbed chicken, cos lettuce, premium middle bacon, poached egg, focaccia croutons, parmesan & anchovies
  • Chicken B.L.T Open Sandwich $15.50
    • Toasted focaccia bread with chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mango peach chutney & aioli. Served as an open sandwich
  • Fruit Pancake Stack $15.00
    • Pancakes served with seasonal fresh fruit, yoghurt and wild berry coulis
  • -With Bacon $15.50
  • Thai Herbs
  • Large $18.00
  • - Chicken, Beef or Pork $14.00
  • Chicken, Beef or Pork $14.00
  • Large $5.50
  • Cooked fresh to order, follow steps 1-3
  • Prawns, Seafood or Combination $15.00
  • Mayonnaise $2.50
  • Mango lee Cream (GF) $9.00
    • A delicious ice cream, made with pulped mango and served with mango slices.
  • Flautas (GF) $14.00
    • These popular crispy golden tortillas are tilled with your choice of chicken or potato and cheese served with fresh lettuce, sour cream and cheese on top.
  • Fajitas $24.50/ $ 40.00
    • A basket of soft warm flour tortillas served with beautiful grilled strips of red and green capsicum, mushrooms and onion and your choice o f chicken, beef or prawn* (available for $2 extra) served with sides of guacamole, beans and sour cream. Available in a single serving or for two people.
  • Gringo Nachos (tex-mex) (GF) $24.00
    • Border style nachos with hand-made corn chips, melted cheese, black beans, pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole. Three different flavours available, chicken, beef or vegetarian.
  • Enchiladas (GF) $24.50
    • These are corn tortillas rolled around a chicken filling and covered with a sauce of your choosing with cheese and grilled. You can choose between green tomatillo sauce, red salsa or mole poblano. You shouldn’t miss out on our unique enchiladas.
  • Mousse de Chocolate al Tequila (GF) $9.50
    • A rich, creamy and frothy chocolate mousse with a touch o f tequila.
  • Baja Fish Tacos $27.50
    • Situated on the Baja Peninsula, a beautiful place called Ensenada has become world famous for these deep fried fish and salad tacos, on flour tortillas with red cabbage, aioli and chipotle cream dressing, drizzled with tequila salsa and served with fresh limes and pico de gallo.
  • Cochinita Pibil (GF) $27.00
    • This is a traditional Mexican slow-roasted pork dish from the Yucatan Peninsula and o f Mayan origin. The pork is marinated in acidic citrus juice and achiote and accompanied with a mild red onion sauce and served with corn tortillas, refried beans and salad.
    • Three delicious, signature flame-grilled beef patties topped three slices of melted cheese, crinkle cut pickles, yellow mustard, and ketchup on a toasted sesame seed bun. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal.
  • CHEESY SIX PACK $19.95
    • Give your hunger a work out with six of our signature flame-grilled cheeseburgers and two large and hot fries for just $19.95
    • You can’'t go wrong with our Cheeseburger, a signature flame-grilled beef patty topped with a simple layer of melted cheese, crinkle cut pickles, yellow mustard, and ketchup on a toasted sesame seed bun. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal.
    • BK’s Chicken Fries are made with New Zealand chicken, with a light, seasoned crispy coating. Chicken Fries are shaped like fries and are perfect for dipping in any of our delicious dipping sauces. Choose from Heinz Seriously Good Peri Peri Mayo or Aioli, BBQ and Sweet & Sour
    • Our WHOPPER JR.® features a flame-grilled beef patty topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh cut lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun. Sized right for a smaller appetite
    • A flame-grilled 100% Angus Beef Steakhouse Patty, Ploughman’s relish, sliced red onions, BBQ sauce, streaky bacon, cheese and Heinz Seriously Good Aioli. It’s a bit saucy. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal
    • Our Sausage, Egg & Cheese Muffin is a combination of a sizzling sausage patty, freshly cooked egg and melted cheese nestled inside a warm English muffin. Add a regular hash bytes and large hot drink to make it a regular value meal
    • We called it that for a reason: with fresh scrambled eggs, two sausages, an English Muffin with soft melted butter, small Hash Bites and any regular hot drink; it’s a mouthful all right.
  • Grilled Chicken wings
    • Bahn Thai marinated chicken wings, slow baked then grilled.
  • Pad Prew Wan Sam Rod -
    • Bahn Thai sweet and sour sauce stir fried with fresh seasonal vegetables and your choice of meat.
  • Vegetable in Peanut Sauce
    • seasonal fresh vegetables in Ban Thai special peanut sauce.
  • Masaman Cuny
    • Masaman (Thai style) curry paste, coconut cream simmered with peanuts, potatoes and your choice of meat. This is a Thai favorite!
  • Vegetable Golden bag
    • In house made deep fried pastry parcels filled with seasonal vegetables in Thai spices. Served wife sweet chilli sauce.
  • Pla Neng See Ew
    • Steamed fish wife fresh ginger, tight soy sauce and sesame oil, served with celery, spring onion and capsicum garnish.
  • Pla Raad Prik
    • Stir fried fish fillet wife your choice of whiskey or chilli sauce.
  • House Special (Whole Fish)
    • Deep fried whole fish - Thai style, garnished and served with a choice of Chilli sauce or Ginger And Mushrooms.
  • Capsicum N/A
  • Veggie Delite N/A
  • Thinly Cut Ready Salted N/A
  • Chipotle N/A
  • Italian Dressing N/A
  • Pickles N/A
  • Thousand Island N/A
  • Chicken Teriyaki N/A
  • Ham N/A
  • Pizza Sub with Cheese N/A
  • Turkey N/A
  • Tomato N/A
  • Subway Seafood Sensation N/A
  • Hot Chilli N/A
  • Flatbread N/A
  • Italian B.M.T N/A
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364 Riccarton Road, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch, 8041, New Zealand
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