Hikari Sushi Bar in Queenstown Menu

  • Prawn tempura
    • 4 Pcs
  • Assorted tempura
    • 5 Pcs
  • Vegetable tempura (V)
    • 5 Pcs (V)
  • Sashimi platter
    • 9 Pcs (GF)
  • Tuna sashimi
    • 6 Pcs (GF)
  • King salmon sashimi
    • 6 Pcs (GF)
  • Hikari green salad (V)
  • Seaweed salad (V)
  • Aburi salmon
  • Agedashi tofu
  • Soft shell crab karaage
  • Pork gyoza
  • Chicken tarikaraage (H)
  • Edamame (V) (GF)
  • Hikari bento
    • Teriyaki chicken with rice, tempura, seaweed salad, salmon sashimi 2 pcs, tempura 3 pcs and sushi 2 pcs
  • Yasai bento
    • Teriyaki tofu with rice, tempura, seaweed salad, edamame, tempura 3 pcs and sushi 2 pcs
  • Chicken yaki udon
    • Stir fried fresh vegetable with udon noodle and chicken
  • Kake udon soup
    • Kake served with seaweed and spring onion
  • - + Tempura
  • Spicy seafood udon soup
    • Seafood (mussel, prawn and haki) served with vegetables cooked with spicy soup
  • Spicy chicken udon soup
    • Chicken served with vegetables cooked with spicy soup
  • Served with a mung bean sprout, corn, dried seaweed, boiled egg and chashu
  • Miso ramen
    • Miso soup based ramen
  • Tonkotsu ramen
    • Pork broth soup based ramen
  • Spicy ramen
    • Miso soup based ramen
  • Salmon teriyaki don
  • Chicken teriyaki don
  • Tofu teriyaki don
  • Unagi don
  • Sashimi don
  • Salmon sashimi don
  • Ginger fish don
  • Egg chicken katsu don
  • Chicken katsu don
  • Japanese style curry with vegetables
  • Chicken curry
  • Chicken katsu curry
  • Rice
  • Miso soup

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Half Rack $28
    • All of the above but leaving you space for starters and dessert!
  • Plain Ciabatta Loaf $10
  • Chicken Wings $14
    • Chicken wings grilled in Flame’s secret basting
  • Seafood chowder $17
  • Tasting Platter $45
    • A large tasting platter including chicken wings, calamari, boerewors and ribs. Served with chips and accompaniments. Serves 4
  • Sauces $4
    • To fully complement your meat, choose from one of our delicious homemade sauces. Choose between Mushroom (a firm favourite), Creamy Mixed Peppercorn, Dijon Mustard, Roquefort blue cheese or Peri-peri (A Mozambique speciality – hot and spicy), Rattlesnake (creamy peri-peri)
  • Boerewors Roll $19
    • A tasty homemade African sausage served on a toasted roll with South African chutney
  • Cheesy Garlic Loaf $11
  • Ginger Stir-fry $18.50
    • with ginger, baby corn and fresh market vegetables
  • Golden Roll Combo $10.00
    • Rice with Golden Rolls and a 355ml Soft Drink
  • Steamed Jasmine Rice $2.50
  • Peanut Stir-fry $18.50
    • with cabbage, cauliflower, baby corn and fresh market
  • Basil Stir-fry $18.50
    • with capsicum, green bean, baby corn, onion, cabbage and basil
  • Chicken Satay Sticks and Peanut Sauce (4) $9.00
  • Rice Combo $4.50
    • Rice with 355ml Soft Drink
  • Egg Fried Rice $5.00
  • BEEF BURGER $19.00
    • This towering monstrosity of a burger is a jaw-dropper – 100% beef patty, thick-cut cheddar, streaky bacon, fried egg, tomato relish, stacked up on lettuce, salad goodies, tomato, house pickles, aioli. Served in a gourmet toasted garlic bun with fries, Tommy, and a crisp onion ring
    • Michelle likes everything to be perfect, and that is never more apparent than with her beer batter: Back to basics I say Fish, chips, salad, aioli, tomato sauce and lemon(WITH BLUE COD $27)
    • Herb crusted breast of chicken, smothered in a ham, mushroom, and basil pesto infused cream cheese, topped with mozzarella & baked until bubbly. Served over chunky garlic herb potato, sautéed broccoli, and whatever else we pulled out of Jeff’s garden this morning
    • This is a twist on one of Mike’s mother’s recipes: Blue cod fillets smothered in a creamy parmesan and spring onion spread, baked until bubbly and golden, served with roasted garlic herb potatoes, pan fried market vegetables, and finished with slivers of red pepper
  • THE F.A.T. 250 $28.00
    • This feed is not for the faint of heart: 250g of Prime NZ porterhouse steak served with garlic herb potatoes, pan fried broccoli (and whatever vegetables fall off the truck), finished with jus, streaky bacon, and tangy, onion jam. Or your classic Steak, Eggs & Chips etc!
  • BIG F.A.T. BELLY $27.00
    • marinated, slow roasted pork belly, served up with creamy mash, potato, roast pumpkin, butter-sautéed market veg, and finished with cider jus and mango peach chutney,
  • RIBS, WEDGES, & RINGS $24.50
    • Mate, our ribs have been rocking out the door since we took over this crazy place. Try them and see why: A stack of slow-braised, fall-off-the-bone pork ribs drenched in our secret sauce, with seasoned wedges, a tower of beer battered onion rings, and sour cream. Oh, and a finger bowl ’cause you’ll need it!
  • BANGERS & MASH $16.50
    • Old man Winter is here, and that means it’s time for two beautiful sausages, creamy mashed potato, plenty of cider gravy, crisp peas, a slice of garlic toasted ciabatta, and a grilled BBQ tomato
    • salami, feta, red onion, capsicum, green & black olives
    • same as above w melted cheese
    • smoked chicken in a white wine cream sauce w sauteed shallots, bacon & mushrooms finished w parmesan
  • SWEET CHILLI MED $23.95 LARGE $31.95
    • smoked chicken, coriander, peppers, chilli flakes, sour cream & sweet chilli sauce
    • cheese stuffed croquettes w spicy salsa dip
  • TUSCAN MED $23.95 LARGE $31.95
    • cajun spiced chicken, spinach, sun dried tomato, roast garlic, feta, black olives
    • melted cheese & bacon, sweet chilli sauce & sour cream
    • sun dried tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, feta pesto & pine nuts tossed in extra virgin olive oil finished w fresh basil
  • Chips $7.00
  • Chili Beef Nachos $10.00
    • Whole baked tortilla shell filled with beef chilli, sour cream & sweet chilli sauce with nacho chips on the side.
  • Chili Con Came $15.00
    • Chill’ mince beef and beans on steamed white rice, topped with cheesy nacho chips, sour cream and fresh coriander
  • Bangers n' Mash $14.00
    • 2 of Arrowtown Butchery's beef and black pepper sausages served with creamy mashed potatoes, buttered peas and topped with onion gravy
  • Our Famous All Day Breakfast $10.00
    • 2 tried eggs, 2 rashers of streaky bacon, 2 hash browns and grilled tomato served with toast and butter Extras: Sausage $3, Bacon Rashers. Mushrooms. Egg, Beans and Avocado $2, Tomato or Toast $1 each
  • Falafel wrap $14.00
    • Cumin spiced falafel wrapped with fresh leaves, tomato, red onions, avocado and sweet chilli sauce with fries
  • Rump Steak $20.00
    • 300g of rump steak on either fries and salad or mashed potato and peas with your choice of sauce; mushroom, gravy or garlic butter
  • Homemade Muesli $8.50
    • Sweet toasted oats, nuts and raisins topped with natural yoghurt and sliced banana
  • Chicken Tikka Dosa $18.00
    • (Crispy Rice-lentil Crepe, Chicken Tikka, Vegetables, Sambhar, Coconut Chutney)
  • Masala Omellete Pav $13.00
    • (Indian Style Spiced Omellette, Buttered Pav Bun)
  • Available from 12PM to 4PM
  • Papri Chaat $12.00
    • (Thin crispy wheat Wafers, Yogurt, Chutneys, Spices)
  • Kathi Roll $16.00
    • (Indian Bread, Spicy Vegetables & Herbs – Choice of Chicken, Lamb or Paneer)
  • Choley Bhatura $17.00
    • (Fried leavened bread, Chickpea curry
  • Masala Uttapam $15.00
    • (Rice-lentil Pancake, Onions & Tomato, Sambhar, Coconut Chutney)
  • ** All the Dishes are served with Compliment Condiment portions. Any extra Condiments requested will attract Extra charge
  • Oeufs a la neige (floating egg island)
    • soft meringue in a pool of creme anglaise finished with caramel
  • Lounge Bar Burger $22.00
    • a homemade beef patty in a toasted bun with tomato jam, Swiss cheese, fresh lettuce and beetroot, served with fries
  • Wedges $10.00
    • topped with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce
  • Steak fries with aioli & tomato sauce
  • Canterbury Angus Pure Beef Fillet $34.00
    • with wholegrain mustard gallete, wilted spinach, cafe de Paris butter and red wine jus
  • Salt & Pepper Squid $10.00
    • with ponzu dressing
  • Baby mixed salad with house dressing
  • Spinach Gnocchi $27.00
    • in a saffron creamed kumara sauce with baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and shaved parmesan
  • Jackson Bay Octopus Tacos with crushed potatoes & chorizo, kiwi fruit salsa, avocado cream $18
  • Seared Coromandel Scallops with lamb, peas, mint & gravy $23.90
  • Gurnard $25.90
    • battered with pickled onion mayonnaise
  • Cloudy Bay Surf Clams stir-fried with XO sauce $21
  • Nevis Garden’s asparagus with crispy capers & browned butter $9.50
  • Southland Lamb $37.90
    • slow cooked shoulder with farro, asparagus & peas, green garlic & pumpkin seed pesto, crumbed lamb sweetbreads
  • Locally baked Bread with fresh cultured butter (seriously good!) from the Whitestone Cheese Company in North Otago $9
  • Blue Cod $33
    • crumbed with pickled onion mayonnaise
  • Chicken Afghani $16.90
    • Barbequed chunks of chicken, simmered in delicate cashew sauce
  • Garlic Naan $4.00
    • Freshly baked white bread topped with garlic and fresh butter
  • Mango Lassi with icecream $6.50
    • Indian yoghurt smoothie with vanilla icecream.
  • Chicken or Lamb Saagwala $16.90
    • Curry chicken or lamb cooked with creamy fresh spinach and traditional spices
  • Roasted Poppadoms (4 pieces) $2.00
    • Paper thin lentil wafers
  • Gulab Jamun $6.50
    • Semolina dumpling smothered with golden syrup.
  • Aloo Gobhi $16.50
    • Fresh cauliflower and potatoes cooked with ginger, tomatoes and mild spices
  • Ras Gulla $6.50
    • Soft cheese dumpling in syrup.
  • Caramelised potato gnocchi, tomato & Bannockburn saffron broth, Balfour sheep’s cheese $11.50
  • Eichardt’s house-cured free-range bacon $6.00
  • Toast $11.00
    • White & wholemeal toast, butter, homemade jam
  • Pork cheek croquettes in wild thyme breadcrumbs, fennel, relish $12.50
  • Smoked beef brisket in a chocolate, chilli & cinnamon glaze, beetroot puree, parsnip crisps $12.50
  • Pancakes $18.00
    • Blueberry pancakes, maple syrup, vanilla mascarpon
  • Bacon & Eggs $18.00
    • Eichardt’s house-cured bacon, buttered toast, fried free-range eggs, tomato relis
  • Eichardt's legendary seafood chowder (individual tapas portion) $11.50
  • Thai style massaman curry $22.00
    • Braised lamb shank, root vegetables & scented rice. Add an additional lamb shank $7
  • Silverfern Reserve beef ribeye $34.00
  • ‘Impressions’ burger $19.50
    • with homemade beef pattie, beetroot, tomato, smoked cheese, bacon & lettuce. Served with salad & fries
  • Classic club sandwich $18.00
    • with chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato. Served with salad & fries
  • Arrow $21.00
    • Chorizo, bacon, chicken, bbq sauce, mozzarella & aioli
  • Market fish $12.00
  • Classic Caesar salad $15.00
    • with cos lettuce, bacon, poached egg, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing, anchovy Add chicken to your salad $5
  • Fresh fruit salad $9.00
  • Venison $22
    • Fiordland venison Tartare, dried olives, tomato gel, spring pickles, quail egg, lattice potato crisps.
  • Beef $42
    • Pan roasted Wakanui beef tenderloin, braised cheek tortellini, baby spring vegetables, port wine jus.
  • Hare $24
    • Horopito peppered loin and braised leg of Bannockburn hare, caramelized kiwifruit, sweet potato, red wine jus.
  • Olives, goats cheese, and crostini. $12
  • Venison $40
    • Wild Fiordland venison cutlet, pithivier of braised leg, parsnip and gruyere gallette, silverbeet, sauce soubise.
  • Fish $39
    • Your server will inform you of today's dish
  • Scallops $25
    • Seared Coromandel scallops, artichoke, grapefruit, macadamia nut crumb, sorrel.
  • Quail $29
    • Pancetta wrapped leg and roasted breast of Canter Valley Quail, fennel puree, pickled grapes, dukkah, pommegranite hollandaise.
  • No5 Big Breakfast $24.00
    • No5 bacon, poached free-range eggs, sourdough, roast mushrooms, tomato
  • Toasted homemade breads $11.00
    • Selection of our white and wholemeal sourdough, brioche, butter, homemade jam
  • Lamb (Turkish pide style) $22.00
    • Pulled Cardrona lamb, olives, cumin yoghurt, feta
  • Bacon & eggs $18.00
    • Our own house-cured bacon, toasted Spire sourdough, poached free-range eggs, homemade tomato relish
  • Saffron yoghurt $15.00
    • Natural yoghurt sweetened with Otago honey and Bannockburn saffron, local blackberry coulis, oat clusters
  • Roast wild thyme mushrooms; Grilled tomatoes; Potato & parsnip rosti $5.00
  • Pizza & Pinot N/A
    • Our homemade 10” stonebaked pizzas with a glass of local Pinot Noir or house wine
  • Sausage, rosti & beans $19.00
    • Home-made Havoc pork sausages, potato & parsnip rosti, giant baked beans in tomato sauce
  • Smoked Salmon Bagel (GF*) $10.50
    • Smoked salmon served on a lightly toasted bagel with cream cheese, salad greens & creamy caper aioli
  • Mini Ploughman's Platter (GF*) $25.00
    • Selection of cold cuts, dips, grilled bread, corn chips, pickles and cheese (for two)
  • Pork Belly Salad (GF) $18.00
    • Braised pork belly served with mixed greens, walnuts, apple, red onion, carrot & sprouts drizzled with a creamy aioli & balsamic dressing
  • Toasted Sandwiches(GF*) $6.50
    • Choice of two fillings - ham, cheese, bacon, mushroom, tomato, pineapple, onion or cheese. Add extra fillings for $1.50
  • Eggs Benedict (GF*) $17.50
    • A breakfast favourite - two poached free range eggs on toasted English muffins with fresh baby spinach, hollandaise sauce & your choice of bacon
  • Eggs Benedict (GF*) $19.50
    • A breakfast favourite - two poached free range eggs on toasted English muffins with fresh baby spinach, hollandaise sauce & your choice smoked salmon
  • Toasted Bagel $6.50
    • Lightly toasted bagel with cream cheese & jam
  • Fish ‘n’ Chips (GF) $17.00
    • Crispy beer battered hoki & fries served with salad & Cavell's homemade tartare sauce
  • Add an additional lamb shank $7.00
  • Add chicken to your salad $5.00
  • Rustic fries served with tomato sauce & garlic aioli $10.00
  • Butterscotch or chocolate ice cream sundae $9.00
  • Silverfern Reserve beef eye fillet $34.00
  • ‘Impressions’ burger with homemade beef pattie, beetroot, tomato, smoked cheese, bacon & lettuce. Served with salad & fries $19.50
  • Served with fries or rice, and fresh vegetables or garden salad
  • Ben Lomond $20.00
    • Roast kumara, spinach, mushroom, cashews, mozzarella, feta & pesto
Hikari Sushi Bar

Hikari Sushi Bar



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8/32 Grant Road, Frankton, Queenstown