Blue Sun (NZ) Cracroft Chase Vineyard in Christchurch City Menu

Blue Sun (NZ) Cracroft Chase Vineyard in Christchurch City has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as House fries w/ aji chipotle mayo or Cuban spiced wedges w/ sour cream from The Cuban. Arancio offers many options including Bowl of Chips with tomato sauce and Basket of Chips with tomato sauce. The Lotus-Heart Cafe includes a wide range like KOORI or OMELETTE. Eggs on toast and Eggs on toast from . The Beach Bar offers Mexico Christchurch and Guacamole.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • -Or with bacon, banana and maple syrup for $22
  • -Or with the house smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce fo $23
  • -Or with the house smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce for $23
  • Big Breakfast $25
    • Streaky bacon, poached eggs, mushrooms, crunchy roast potatoes, tomatoes, wilted spinach, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce served with toast. A perfect mix!
  • Seafood Chowder $18
    • At the request of our regulars, Sophie's delicious chowder has earned a permanent place on the menu!
  • Granola $15
    • Our famous blend, served with yoghurt and fruit
  • Eggs Florentine (GF) $21
    • Two poached eggs with spinach served on toast topped with hollandaise
  • Oaty pancakes $21
  • Oven Toasted Muesli $14.50
    • Served w seasonal fruits, milk and Greek yoghurt
  • Eggs Benedict $21.00
    • Poached free-range eggs and lemon hollandaise sauce served w smoked salmon and sauteed spinach on pesto hash
  • Waffles $16.50
    • Delicious brioche waffles w a crunchy caramalised shell served w fruit salsa, candied nuts, berry compote w Greek yoghurt
  • Soup of the Day $13.00
    • Served w toasted Supergrain bread
  • Eggs Benedict $18.00
    • Poached free-range eggs and lemon hollandaise sauce served w roasted mushrooms, tomato, spinach on toasted bread
  • Waffles $15.00
    • Delicious brioche waffles w a crunchy caramalised shell served w warm dark chocolate sauce and vanilla bean ice cream
  • Creamy Oat Porridge $13.00
    • Served w caramelised nuts, dried fruit, milk and cream
  • Zucchini Green Bean Fritters $18.00
    • Topped with kimchi salad. Served w beetroot chutney
  • Pork Satay on Fried Rice $14.50
  • Prawn Chow Mein $11.50
  • Young Chu Fried Rice $12.50
  • Bean Sprouts $2.50
  • Double Chocolate Donuts $2.20
  • Sliced Steak Satay $12.50
  • Sliced Beef with Oyster Sauce on Fried Rice $14.50
  • Pork & Cashew nuts $12.80
  • Banoffee Shake N/A
  • Chick 'n McCheese Combo N/A
    • With a crispy Chick’n McCheese, a chilled medium soft drink, and a medium fries, it’s a chicken lover’s dream. Just like that time you turned up to school, wearing your pyjamas. But luckily you woke up and realised it was all a dream. Burger combos include Medium Soft Drink and your choice of Medium Fries or Garden Salad.
  • Chicken McBites - 10 piece pack N/A
  • Honeycomb McFlurry N/A
    • Our Honeycomb McFlurry has crunchy pieces of Hokey Pokey and a tasty Honeycomb flavoured topping.
  • $30 Legends Sharebox $30.00
  • Banoffee Shake N/A
    • Banoffee Shake takes the traditional Banana flavour shake and adds a delicious hint of caramel.
  • Espresso Pronto Latte N/A
    • The milkiest way. Our 100% Arabica beans, ground and roasted with hot creamy milk and with a sheath of froth.
  • Apple & Blackcurrant Fruit Drink N/A
    • Kids will love this Keri Kids Apple & Blackcurrant Fruit Drink in its handy sipper bottle. Keri', 'Keri Kids' and 'Keri Juice Company' are registered trade marks of The Coca-Cola Company.
  • Fritters of the day See board / $16
  • Ham, Emmental, tomato omelette $16.50
  • Full breakfast with eggs, bacon, spicy sausage, hash, mushroom, tomato and toast $20.50
  • Free range eggs on toast $10.50
  • -with Akaroa salmon $18.50
  • -banana, crispy bacon and maple syru $18.00
  • Portobello mushrooms, wilted baby spinach and cheddar omelette $17.50
  • -with bacon $18.50
  • Wild Pork (Strip-loin organic) $25.00
  • Served with Thai Jasmine Rice N/A
  • Pad See Ew N/A
    • Stir fried flat rice noodle with sweet soy sauce, egg and vegetables
  • Lamb ( Tender loin) $23.00
  • Gang Dang (Red Curry) N/A
    • Coconut cream with red curry paste, basil ,bamboo shoots, and long bean
  • Tom Yum Gai $13.00
    • Fresh lemon juice with chicken and smooth chicken stock combined with galangal, lemongrass, and thai herbs
  • Pad Drunken Noodle N/A
    • Stiir fried flat rice noodle with fresh basil leaf, Thai herbs and vegetables
  • Mix Entrée $12.00
    • Chef's selection (spring roll, curry puff, money bag, chicken satay and chicken wing)
  • Squid Rings $0.80 each
  • Chicken Nuggets 1/2 doz. $4.20 / 1 doz. $8.40
  • Bacon Patties / Meat Patties / Corn Patties / Frankfurters / Hot Dogs (with sauce) $2.20
  • Monster $7.80
  • Cheese / Egg / Tomato / Chow / Pineapple / Beetroot / Veges Patty $4.00
  • Mushroom $3.10
  • Pineapple Rings / Crab Sticks $1.80
  • Kumara Chips $5.00
  • Hawaiian $4.90
  • Prawn Foo Young Egg $12.00
  • Half Roast Chicken with Mushrooms $10.50
  • Roast Pork Chow Mein $10.50
  • Tray Fried Rice $6.00
  • Steak $4.90
  • Roast Pork Fried Rice $10.50
  • Chicken Curried Rice $10.50
    • Our Sausage, Egg & Cheese Muffin is a combination of a sizzling sausage patty, freshly cooked egg and melted cheese nestled inside a warm English muffin. Add a regular hash bytes and large hot drink to make it a regular value meal
    • The new Chicken Nuggets Stunner includes 5 x Chicken Nuggets, Small Fries, Small Drink and a Sunday. Now that's value!
    • The Crunchy BBQ Bacon Double Whopper: comes with all the goodness of a Double Whopper with Cheese plus BBQ sauce, 4 Rashes of Bacon and Onion Chips. Part of our Summer Crunch Range, available for a limited time.
    • Dine like The King with a Bacon & Egg Muffin, two delicious breakfast sausages and hash bites. Perfect for a lazy weekend breakfast.
    • The Chicken Bacon Meaty Burger: 2 crispy chicken patties, 6 rashers of bacon, 2 slices of cheese, and BBQ sauce. Oh, and we added some onion too. It’s part of the Meatatarian Range, available for a limited time.
    • All the goodness of a Cheeseburger plus bacon! Made with our signature flame-grilled beef patty topped with a simple layer of melted cheese, bacon rashes, crinkle cut pickles, yellow mustard, and ketchup on a toasted sesame seed bun.
    • Made with 100% chicken breast from our mates at Ingham, our bite-sized BK Chicken Nuggets are tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Coated in a flavorful tempura style batter, they are perfect for dipping in any of our delicious dipping sauces. Nugget packs include 3, 6, 9 and 12 packs. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal.
    • The classic Whopper with a Crunchy twist! Comes with all the goodness of a Whopper plus BBQ sauce, Cheese, 4 Rashes of Bacon and Onion Chips. Part of our Summer Crunch Range, available for a limited time.
  • Mix Platter (for 1 / for 2) $10.00 / $20.00
    • Fresh spring roll, spring roll, money bag and satay chicken
  • Spring Rolls $12.50
    • The nook’s special spring rolls with home-made kiwi apple sauce
  • Lamb Shank Massaman $23.50
    • Slow cook lamb shank infused with Massaman sauce served with The Nook chunky potato bites and onion
  • Roasted Vegetarian Curry $18.00
    • Red curry with roasted Vegetarian/ Duck, pineapple, tomato and grapes
  • Pad Thai $18.00
    • Classic noodle dish with eggs, protein of your choice, bean sprouts and pad thai sauce. Served with lemon wedge, chili flakes and crushed peanuts
  • Saang Ka Ya $8.50
    • Sweet sticky rice infused with coconut cream and topped with Thai custard
  • Beef Cheeks $22.00
    • Caramelised beef cheeks with sweet and sour red curry
  • Fresh Spring Rolls $12.50
    • Rice paper wrapped fresh crispy veges with sweet chilli sauce
  • Chilli basil noodles $13.00
  • Extra meat add $3.00
  • Oyster sauce noodle (chicken, pork or beef) $13.00
  • Spring Rolls (8pcs) $5.00
  • Chow mein egg noodles $13.00
    • with chicken
  • Tom yum Noodle soup $15.00
    • with prawn
  • Sweet & sour pork $13.00
  • Red curry (chicken, pork or beef) $13.00
  • Prawns with whiskey or Chilli Sauce
    • Steamed prawns wife mushrooms, pineapple, capsicum and carrots.
  • Yum Nure Yang San Nai
    • Spicy beef tenderloin salad with red onions, tomatoes, cucumber and mint leaves Served on a bed of lettuce with fresh ground chilli, lime leaves & fresh coriander.
  • Phad Phong Karee
    • Seasonal vegetable stir fried with curry powder, egg. evaporated milk, chili paste and your choice of meat
  • Gaeng Panang
    • Thick curry with crushed peanuts and your choice of meat.
  • Fried rice
    • Thai style fried rice with your choice of meat
  • Oyster sauce
    • Stir fried seasonal vegetables with oyster sauce and your choice of meat
  • Hormok
    • seafood special. Combination of mussels, squid, fish, and prawns steamed wife coconut cream and red curry paste, wrapped in tin foil parcel.
  • Gai Tord Krob
    • Stir fried crispy chicken wife sweet chilli sauce and vegetables
  • Hot Chicken Salad $22.00
    • grilled chicken breast & bacon served on lettuce with tomatoes, peppers, red onions & cucumber drizzled with apricot sauce
  • Juicy 350g T-Bone $27.00
    • served with your choice of salad, chips-coleslaw, chips or vegetables with mushroom, garlic or pepper sauce
  • Fish Bites & Chips
  • Bangers & Mash $20.00
    • two 7" sausages on creamy mashed potatoes, peas served with red wine & onion gravy
  • Garlic Bread $8.00
  • Toasted Roast Pork Sandwich & chips $10.00
  • Seafood Basket $21.00
    • mussels, scallops, squid rings, prawns & Hoki bites
  • Toasted Sandwiches 2 fillings & chips $8.50
  • Meat Patties $2.60
  • Crumbed Mussels $1.00
  • Veggie Burger $9.50
    • Onion , Cheese , Lettuce , Tomato , Beetroot , Mushroom , Pineapple , Potato - Cake , Mayonnaise And Tomato , Or Barbeque Sauce .
  • Jam Wraps $2.60
  • Donuts $2.60
  • Potato Fritters $1.00
  • Curry Rolls $3.20
  • Crumbed Scallops $1.80
  • Please ask staff about our gluten free options
  • Soup of the Day $12.50
    • Served with toasted ciabatta
  • Thai Beef Salad $20.00
    • With crispy noodles and roasted peanuts.
  • Spicy Wedges $11.00
    • Plain with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce
  • Pasta-Mushroom and Bacon, Spinach,Sundried Tomato. $20.50
    • In a cream sauce served on penne pasta topped with parmesan cheese
  • Chicken Souvlaki $20.50
    • Topped with hummus and salad, yoghurt dressing and sweet chilli sauce
  • Market Fish of the Day $21.50
    • Lemon and herb crumbed served with salad and fries
  • -Add fries and tomato sauce $12.00
Blue Sun (NZ) Cracroft Chase Vineyard

Blue Sun (NZ) Cracroft Chase Vineyard



110 Shalamar Drive, Cashmere, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8022, New Zealand








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$10 - $20




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Table Service



Bar Food , Wineries



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110 Shalamar Drive, Cashmere, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8022, New Zealand
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