Berryfields in Christchurch City Menu

Berryfields in Christchurch City has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Spags Chips or Italian Flat Bread from Spagalimis. Alpine Village Inn offers many options including Mini Hot Dogs & Fries and Garlic & Parmesan Bread. Fast Food Factory includes a wide range like Extra Meat or Fish. “Le Parisien” Breakfast and Baguette with Jam & Butter from . L'Escargot Rouge offers Jamaica Blue and Spinach, Fetta & Thyme Tart.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • -Or with bacon, banana and maple syrup for $23
  • -To add bacon $24
  • Corn Fritter Stack $21
    • Topped with a cooked salsa, sour cream and salad
  • Oaty pancakes $21
  • Big Breakfast $25
    • Streaky bacon, poached eggs, mushrooms, crunchy roast potatoes, tomatoes, wilted spinach, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce served with toast. A perfect mix!
  • Toast and Spreads (GF) $9
    • As it says, and tasty to boot!
  • -Or with bacon, banana and maple syrup for $22
  • Granola $15
    • Our famous blend, served with yoghurt and fruit
  • Tower of Pork $28.50
    • Lots and lots of pork spare ribs marinated overnight in 3 Cows special sauce and oven baked to tenderness perfection just for you! Served with homemade potato wedges with a side of avocado salsa and sour cream. A definite winner this one is!
  • T-Bone (Gourmet) $36.50
    • Classier version for the farmer folk wife. 500g T-Bone on baby potatoes, balsamic roasted tomatoes and a cracked pepper and mushroom sauce and a baby salad too!
  • Crispy Chicken $21.50
    • Crispy, tasty chicken marinated overnight in our Chef's special sauce with petit salad and sweet chilli sauce. Finger licking good!Main-10 pcs & fries
  • Apple Berry & Port Crumble $11.00
    • Good ole fashion fruit cooked with a hint of spice and all the love in the world plus some port. Topped with a buttered shortbread crumble and oven baked to warm and toastie. Comes with yep you got it, ice-cream and cream and a funky ginger Anglaise.
  • Vanilla Rice Pudding $11.00
    • Now you locals have nagged me to put this back on, you better order it. This is vanilla bean flavoured and rich and creamy. Served with caramelised banana, berry compote and ice-cream.
  • Ye Good Ole Foccacia Melt $23.50
    • Marinated chicken on toasted focaccia with cream cheese and cranberry. Finished with mozzarella and then oven baked. Comes with a salad, basil pesto & sour cream.
  • 3Cows chicken salad $20.00
    • Yip I wanted to take this off to0, but you would probably boycott us..... Lettuce mix with cashews, avocado salsa, croutons, and other goodies bound with Italian vinaigrette and finished with pan fried chicken & bacon.
  • Focaccia Melt $21.00
    • Cream cheese, cranberries. Chicken, mozzarella on focaccia then oven baked and finished with honey basil sauce with your choice of salad or chips !!!!!!!
  • ●Spicy Pork Tacos $15.50
    • 2 soft taco shells filled w/ spicy pork, red cabbage, tomato & corn salsa & Japanese mayo
  • Bailies Pancakes $15.00
    • Served w/ banana, bacon & maple syrup
  • Veggie $15.00
    • Lentil & chickpea pattie w/ raita, lettuce & tomato relish (contains peanuts)
  • Lamb Souvlaki $15.00
    • Fresh pita bread filled w/ lamb, salad, tzatziki, sweet chilli & hummus
  • Home Made Garlic Bread $7.50
  • Beetroot $13.00
    • Mesclun w/ baby beet's, toasted seeds & feta
  • Steak sauce $2.50
  • Bacon / Black pudding / Eggs (2) / Sausages $4.00
  • Garlic Bread Freshly baked with garlic butter - $7.00
  • Salad see specials board for today's salad $19.50
  • Roast of the Day (GF) $22.90
    • Served with roast potatoes, pumpkin and seasonal vegetables of the day.
  • Available from 11am - 5pm daily
  • Seafood Chowder $16.50
    • An abundance of seafood, rich & creamy, to make a start served with bread.
  • Breakfast menu until 11am daily
  • 2 Fried Eggs $3.50
  • -Pasta
  • Chicken Pattie $2.40
  • Curry Roll $2.80
  • Bacon Corn $2.00
  • Sausages & eggs $9.00
  • Chicken Nuggets 6 for $3.30
  • Sole Fillets $4.50
  • Sausage battered $2.00
  • Steak ribeye $7.80
  • Fish $2.30
  • Garlic Chips $3.80
  • Mushroom $4.00
  • Chips $2.30
  • Pineapple $4.00
  • Bacon & Pineapple $3.50
  • Chicken Burger $4.60
  • Fish Bites $2.30
  • MIXED CHIPS $4.60
  • CHIPS 1 SCOOP $2.50
  • CRAB STICK $1.80
  • KIWI $9.99
    • bacon mushroom tomato & onion
  • MEAT & POTATO $2.20
  • SAUSAGE BIG $2.30
  • PIGGY SPECIAL $19.95
    • 2 cheeseburgers, 2 crab bites, 3 fish bites, 2 corn on cob, 3 squid rings, 2 chicken nuggets, 2 potato fritters & 2 scoops of chips
  • Turkish Delight each $0.80
  • French Fries $3.50
  • Feta Cheese Salad $11.00
    • Served with marinated feta cheese In olive oil, pita bread, Egyptian salad, and our dressing In a plastic box
  • Filo Pastry $14.00
    • served with bed of Egyptian salad, pita bread and our dressing in a plastic box/chicken parcel
  • Chicken Kebab $15.50
  • Your choIce of the main served with pita bread, rice or couscous on our crisp salads and finished with our homemade sauce to take away
  • Egyptian Koshary $11.00
    • Koshary Is a traditionaL Egyptian meat that consists of a macaroni, spaghetti, rice, black lentiLs, chick peas, garlic sauce and a spicy tomato chilli sauce, all topped with fried onions
  • Kebab Skewer $5.00
  • Your Toasty (GF/DF) $12.00
    • Choose your fillings as many as you like
  • Warm Salad (GF/DF) $17.50
    • Roast veg mix, streaky bacon, rocket and feta cheese with mixed nuts and seeds Add chicken $4
  • French Toast (GF/DF) $17.90
    • Served with maple syrup, bacon and warm banana
  • Vegan Option (GF/DF) $16.50
    • Crispy polenta served with portobello mushrooms, baby spinach, grilled tomatoes and hummus
  • French toast (GF/DF) $8.70
    • Served with maple syrup, whipped cream and bacon
  • Berries Pancakes $8.70
    • Served with berry compost, Nutella and whipped cream
  • Kids Egg Fava(GF/DF) $8.70
    • Served hash, bacon and scrambled egg
  • Kids fries $4.00
  • Tempura ice cream $15.00
    • Deep fried ice cream with seasonal fruits
  • Chicken 120g/ Seafood $26.00
    • Salmon, white fish, scallops, prawn
  • Kids Teppanyaki Set (under 12 yrsold) $20.00
    • Grilled vegetables, steamed rice, one choice of teppan main, (Chicken, Beef eye fillet, Salmon)One Scoop of Vanilla ice cream
  • Tatsuta Age $14.00
    • Marinated deep fried chicken
  • Beef Tempura Set $19.50
    • Grilled beef glazed served with teriyaki sauce, vege & fish tempura served with rice and MisoSoup
  • Rice $3.00
  • Tempura banana $16.00
    • Deep fried tempura banana with icec cream & fruits
  • Gyoza $12.00
    • Pan fried Pork & vege dumplings (6 pcs)
    • Make room for our Double Cheeseburger, two signature flame-grilled beef patties topped with two slices of melted cheese, crinkle cut pickles, yellow mustard, and ketchup on a toasted sesame seed bun. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal.
    • Two signature flame-grilled beef patties topped with 2 slices of melted cheese and the winning combination of sizzling bacon and smoky BBQ sauce. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal.
    • The breakfast that’s perfect if you’re on the go and need a quick fix. One Bacon and Egg Muffin, one Cheeseburger, and one small Hash Bites will kick-start your morning the delicious way. Plus, add any regular hot drink for just $1.50
    • The Classic Chicken Crunch Burger: A crunchy chicken patty, a slice of cheese, premium lettuce, tomatoes, onions, all topped with lashings of Heinz Seriously Good Aioli! Part of our Summer Crunch Range, available for a limited time.
    • A flame-grilled 100% Angus Beef Steakhouse Patty, Ploughman’s relish, sliced red onions, BBQ sauce, streaky bacon, cheese and Heinz Seriously Good Aioli. It’s a bit saucy. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal
    • Stay cool this Summer with our NEW Maltesers Filled Waffle Cone. Creamy and velvety Soft Serve topped with Maltesers served in a waffle cone filled with more Maltesers goodness
    • Our WHOPPER JR.® features a flame-grilled beef patty topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh cut lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, crunchy pickles, sliced white onions, a slice of cheese all on a soft sesame seed bun. Sized right for a smaller appetite. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal.
    • Crispy onion rings, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion and cheese with our creamy mayonnaise, all served on a toasted sesame seed bun. One bite and you’ll be hooked. Add a regular fries and regular soft drink to make it a value meal
  • Pad See-Eiw (Chicken, Pork or Beef) $12.50
    • Stir fried flat noodle with dark soy sauce and seasonal vegetables
  • Fried Rice (Chicken, Pork or Beef) $12.50
    • Stir fried rice with eggs, vegetables and dark soy sauce
  • Pad Kratiam Moo Krob $12.50
    • Stir fried crispy pork belly with mushroom, garlic, vegetables and pepper sauce
  • Thursday to Sunday 11.30am to 2.30pm
  • Pad Thai (Chicken, Pork or Beef) $12.50
    • Stir fried noodle with eggs, bean sprouts and crushed peanut
  • Pad Peanut Sauce (Chicken, Pork or Beef) $12.50
    • Stir fried chicken, pork or beef with vegetables and peanut sauce
  • Red Curry (Chicken, Pork or Beef) $12.50
    • Red curry with vegetables and topped with kaffir lime leaves
  • Green Curry (Chicken, Pork or Beef) $12.50
    • Green curry with bamboo shoots, capsicum and vegetables
  • Yakjundon Set $13
    • Teriyaki chicken on noodles, tempura set & 2 chicken sushi with salad
  • Rice Ball N/A
  • Crispy Chicken $11
    • Crispy chicken with don-katsu sauce, egg & fresh vegetable salad on rice
  • Crispy Chicken Curry $12
    • Crispy chicken with Japanese curry & fresh vegetable salad on rice
  • Katsu $11
    • Crumbed pork with don-katsu sauce, egg & fresh vegetable salad on rice
  • Nigiri Sushi N/A
  • Inari N/A
  • Vegetarian yaki udon $11
  • EGG NIGIRI each $2.00
    • Japanese omelette with sushi rice
  • CHICKEN each $1.40
    • teriyaki chicken, lettuce, nori, sushi rice
  • FRESH SALMON $1.40
    • raw, Akira salmon, carrot, cucumber, omelette, nori, sushi rice
  • OSAKA each $1.50
    • smoked salmon, cucumber, nori, sushi rice
  • CALIFORNIA each $2.20
    • avocado, carrot, cucumber, omelette, prawn, seafood stick, nori, sushi rice
  • VEGETARIAN each $1.40
    • avocado, carrot, cucumber, omelette, lettuce, daikon, nori, sushi rice
  • INARI each $2.00
    • deep fried tofu skin with sushi rice
  • SALMON NIGIRI each $2.00
    • raw Akaroa salmon with sushi rice
  • -Half $12.50
  • Lamb jalfrezee $16.30
    • Lamb cubes cooked with the onion, capsicum and coconut cream with added spices
  • Lamb rogan josh $16.30
    • Tendered cubes of the lamb cooked in spices, onions, ginger and garlic with the little added water
  • Raita $2.50
    • Traditional indian side of yoghurt with diced cucumber and spices
  • Chicken vindaloo $15.80
    • Goa's most popular dish. Hot spicy curry with vinegar and added capsicum
  • Fish amritsari (5pcs) $14.00
    • Deep fried fish of the day coated with the chick pea flour and spices. Serves well with the side of mint chutney
  • Aloo parantha $4.00
    • Wholemeal bread stuffed with the potatoes and spices
  • Roasted poppadam (4pcs) $2.00
    • Wafer thin spiced crisp bread




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